Apr 25 2010

President Obama: The Quicker Screwer Upper

A friend of mine sent me a picture of a hilarious bumper sticker (foul language alert), which perfectly sums up the mood of the country towards the now ultra-liberal democrat party and its leader President Obama. Due to its crude language I decided to not post it since many long time readers expect this site to be pretty safe for family reading. The message is clear though – no one has screwed up this big so fast as Obama and his party. And the mood of the country is pretty foul in response to this achievement.

We as a nation were deceived with a political siren song. led to believe Obama and his Democrats would be moderate centrists and listen to We The People. To that I say fool us once, shame on us. What we wanted is still valid. The fact a charlatan preyed on our hopes and made false promises does not diminish the vision that was created.

There is a great essay in American Spectator which communicates the situation better than I could. Some pertinent sections:

The defining moment for the Presidency of Barack Obama came early, in June, 2009. It was one of many health reform extravaganzas to come, this one televised by ABC from the East Room of the White House, a town hall among health care experts and consumers.

Over five years later, her mother was still living happily with her family as a result of the highly advanced medical technology she received. So Jane, still displaying her own spirited fight for her mother’s life, very articulately asked the President if under his vision for health care there would be any consideration given for a certain spirit, or joy of living, or quality of life, in providing medical care for those of advanced age. Or would there just be a cut-off at a certain age.

The President replied that we as a culture and a society have to learn to make better decisions about end of life care. And when the wise, central planning Washington bureaucrats discover the evidence shows the care is not going to improve health, they can let your doctor know, and let your mom know, maybe this is not going to help, maybe you’re better off not having the surgery and taking the painkiller and going home.

Jane just told him that without the surgery her mother would be dead, and he responds with a hypothetical that maybe she would be better off taking the painkiller and going home.

It has become evident over the health care fight that the liberals see cutting payments and services as the essence of health care reform. They recoil at the accurate label of the ‘death panel’ system they are now putting in place, but as Obama’s own example of cold hearted bureaucratic reason shows, that is exactly what is happening. They just don’t like to be reminded of it. Health care is now government rationed health care. It will now cost more to get what we now have and will soon be losing.

The Democrats were warned that everything they proposed would make matters worse: health care costs would go higher and services would be limited. Is it any surprise that Obama’s own administration, bound by reporting laws set in place decades ago, is now reporting the truth instead of the mealy-mouthed propaganda lies?

Going back to the American Spectator article:

The American people never voted for such a radical left takeover of America. Barack Obama ran on a net spending cut at the federal level, a tax cut for 95% of Americans, a promise of a new era of post-partisan political peace, and a pledge to sweet talk Iran out of “unacceptable” nuclear weapons.

Winning power through such consistent, thorough deception, the Democrats have no mandate for their left-wing extremism, and are just further angering and rousing voters as a result. That is another huge dark cloud indicating the coming political tsunami.

That dark cloud in my mind is how the Democrats are naively pretending their deception is working and they continue to try and dismantle our freedoms. Cap & Trade, Immigration Reform which makes the McCain-Bush plan look brilliant in comparison, tax increases on everything (called the VAT), all are efforts to throw as much on the books as possible before the fools are ejected from office.

They must naively think they can use the liberal media and courts to save their edifice to liberal ego – big government. But the opposite is happening. The opposition is strengthening and solidifying. It is NOT backing the GOP or far right conservatives who look down their noses at centrists as well. This is a centrist uprising and its goal is to dismantle the federal beast so no other power-mad political party can gain control and tell everyone how to live like them. Each attack on the opposition by Democrats increases the number and resolve of the opposition. They are now building the tsunami of their own political demise.

In the 19th and 20th centuries democratic government took over as the preferred model of civilization. In the latter part of the 20th and into the 21st century Democrat Government became the nanny state, bloated and incompetent. It went from being the answer to Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness to being the greatest threat against those ideals. Now is the time to trim back the beast – by half at least. Now is the time in humankind’s history to bring balance back to civilization.

When a Democrat seat in NJ is a solid GOP pick up because there is a moderate GOP candidate running, that is a signal of things to come. When a liberal CA Democrat Senator in deep blue CA is in trouble and likely to lose her seat, that is a sign of the depth of anger out in the nation. When a MA seat held by the icons of the OLD Democrat party is lost in an off year special election by a comfortable margin with huge turn out, that is a measurement of the depth of the political tsunami coming. We are seeing a sea change in the minds of the govern. They no longer support the governing institutions, and they have the political power and will to change this situation.

We can measure the backlash all over the country. It is only the delusional liberals in DC and the media who deny the signals. Old guard liberal scions in Congress are facing something they never expected – defeat:

Rep. David Obey has won 21 straight races, easily prevailing through wars and economic crises that have spanned presidencies from Nixon to Obama. Yet the discontent with Washington surging through politics is now threatening not only his seat but Democratic control of Congress.

Obey is one of nearly a dozen well-established House Democrats who are bracing for something they rarely face: serious competition. Their predicament is the latest sign of distress for their party and underlines why Republicans are confident of big gains in November, and perhaps even winning back the House.

There are some models out there showing history making losses in the House. Most pundits see the Democrats easily losing 8 senate seats, it is just no one has yet seen polls showing 1 or 2 more losses in the Senate which would mean losing both houses. But they will come. Losing 9 senate seats would be historic right now, but there could be more.

Party affiliation has swung back to the right of center with a vengeance. As fast as the Democrars blazed ahead against the will of the people they have lost the support of the people. The response has been comical and politically toxic. The liberals in DC in the media began attacking the centrists who (1) gave the Democrats a shot at leadership by voting for them the last 2 election cycles and (2) became disaffected with them when pushed through far left policies – all of which have failed to date.

When the liberals attack the Tea Partiers, who primarily reject both parties and basically oppose DC’s current bloated and nit-picky incarnation, they attack the broad center and heart  of America. You might as well run as an Islamist Mullah decrying all aspects of western civilization, you’ll get basically the same response in the voting booth.

After years of watching liberals protest violently at economic summits and the like, and after seeing videos of union thugs beating up blacks and calling them nigger, or breaking the legs of a young women in LA who works for a GOP official, the cry that the far right was going to insight violence was probably the point all credibility for the Democrats was lost. I have been so fed up with politics in general since that epitome of propaganda was floated last week I have become completely disinterested in politics. And I suspect I am just one of millions.

I, like most Americans, are now just biding our time until November and cataloguing all the stupid acts which make our desire to dismantle the federal bureaucracy a reasonable response to irrational fringe behavior in DC. There will be no riots or violence.  People will take the reigns of power from the parties and fringes and simply curtail them all.  The Democrat party is heading for the ash heap of history, their brand too tarnished to resurrect again. They should have listened to the lesson of 1994.

There will also not be a need for an independent party unless the ultra-conservatives balk at having to deal with moderates.  Anyone is free to establish an impotent, fringe party – but it will have no effect. The centrists are rising up and making their voices heard. Too far left and you suffer the fate of Crist in FL. Too far right and you suffer the fate of JD Hayward in Arizona (trying to unseat Sen McCain).

The rule was established in VA, NJ and MA where center right candidates destroyed Democrat candidates who could no longer pretend to be members of a centrist party. With the far left liberals doing so much damage from DC, being a Democrat is pretty much a political death sentence. Which frees the centrists to help direct the path of the GOP.

The talking is done, the dies are cast. All we can do is wait until November to bring in the change most of us had hoped for. A return to center-based solutions and the end of the mad pendulum swings of the fringes.  Anyone can join the center and be a part of the rebirth of America. Unlike the fringes, we don’t have litmus tests. Except one: Reagan’s 11th commandment is the law of the land. You can oppose an idea or policy or even an general strategy. But you leave individuals to make their case and win if they garner the support required.

No more back stabbing or name calling. No more undercutting democracy when the majority has spoken. That is what the fringes are for.

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  2. ivehadit says:

    AJ, great post. I support it 100%. I do believe Americans will be working together below the radar to get the job done. And, as you say, the talking is over. We have moved into a whole new arena of unmitigated disgust and revulsion. And this: bigtime determination.

    And I think that ANYONE trying to get in our way with whining or criticism or negativism, whether from the center or right or far right, will be shut down.

    One thing: did you see the article by John Fund at the WSJ about state legislation trying to be passed by dems that would give “community” organizations access to voter registration rolls (oh yeah, riiiight) and that absentee ballots would automatically be mailed out to everyone (riiiight, again)?

    We have to be on massive alert to voter fraud this November. imho.

    And don’t cuss me 🙂 but can we say that Sean Hannity and Rush and Levin were right about this crew in the WH? We should.

  3. Mike M. says:

    AJ, I don’t think it’s so much centrist as small-L libertarian. People who don’t agree about much CAN agree that they want Big Government’s hand out of their pockets and its nose out of their business.

    And people across the political spectrum can detest the arrogance of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi regime.

    The real question is whether or not the Republicans have figured out that Liberalism Light is a loser – with or without a socially conservative paint scheme.

  4. Terrye says:

    I agree with Mike in that there is more of a libertarian bent to this movement. It is not about abortion or same sex marriage, it is about government becoming to intrusive and too costly and just plain too big.

    But then again, the new bill in Arizona was attacked by the libertarian Judge Napolitano on Fox News the other day. On one hand people are desperate to deal with the drug wars on the border, on the other this has never been a nation where people in uniform ask to see your papers. It is interesting to note that the border fence being built has created something of a funnel at Arizona and may actually be making the problem worse in that state. Hopefully, if they finish it things will get better.

    McCain’s reaction to Obama attacking the bill, was to call for more troops on the border. The issue of immigration is one that I fear could split the opposition to the Democrats and their agenda…and like AJ said, their immigration bill is everything conservatives hate and then some.

  5. AJStrata says:

    Mike & Terrye,

    No doubt the mood of the country has shifted libertarian, which is tangential in their minds to liberal and conservative.


  6. lurker9876 says:

    “AJ, I don’t think it’s so much centrist as small-L libertarian. People who don’t agree about much CAN agree that they want Big Government’s hand out of their pockets and its nose out of their business.

    And people across the political spectrum can detest the arrogance of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi regime.

    The real question is whether or not the Republicans have figured out that Liberalism Light is a loser – with or without a socially conservative paint scheme.”

    I agree. There is one aspect of libertarianism that prevents me from becoming a Libertarian. I’m more of a Jacksonian. That has to do with national security.

    Liberal lite…in the Republican party can doom the Republican Party. The Blue Dog Democrats have proved themselves as a typical Democrat.

    For those Democrats that voted for ObamaCare based on the reasons that the bill reduces deficits, reduces health care costs, are fooling themselves.

    I’m sort getting where AJ is right now. I used to take time to read many conservative blogs but now I just skim through many of them due to the fact that the message is repetitive these days.

  7. Wilbur Post says:

    Democrats headed for the ash heap of history? Gee, I hope so. They certainly BELONG there, but people don’t always get what they deserve as we well know.

  8. smill1953 says:

    Well put, AJ. Thank you.

  9. lurker9876 says:

    Now we’re seeing “rosy” pictures indicating that our economy is improving.

    Yah right!!

  10. Frogg1 says:

    I’ve been saying for a while now that it is Libertarians who are going to save the GOP. The movement going on right now is the merging of Libertarian and Fiscal Conservatives.

  11. WWS says:

    I’ve always been close to classic libertarian views. But here are the two things that have destroyed libertarianism as a political movement so far, and which need to be overcome if it is ever going to be a serious political movement.

    1) The belief that Libertarianism means absolute isolation and a disbandment of the American military, frequently combined with a hatred of the US military.

    2) The belief that Libertarianism means free weed for everyone. Way too many so-called “libertarians” have picked up on the idea for this reason alone.

    My problem with Ron Paul is that he panders shamelessly to both of these groups. With regard to #1, I suspect that it is what he actually believes, which is enough for me to disqualify him permanently from any serious consideration for office.

    If these two strains of thought, along with their supporters, can be excised from the movement then Libertarianism can be taken seriously. But it is probably much easier for the GOP to co-opt the best financial ideas and put them into play. Let the “Libertarian Party” continue to be The Stoner’s Club, and move on.

  12. lurker9876 says:

    “1) The belief that Libertarianism means absolute isolation and a disbandment of the American military, frequently combined with a hatred of the US military.

    2) The belief that Libertarianism means free weed for everyone. Way too many so-called “libertarians” have picked up on the idea for this reason alone.”

    1) is the main reason why I cannot become a Libertarian.

    My brother pointed out that there are many Libertarian groups with differing philosophies across the broad spectrum.

    2) I am not aware of free weed.

    If that is the case, then all the more reason why I cannot become a Libertarian.

    Jacksonianism is the best one that fits my ideology.

  13. hekktor says:

    The general sense of libertarianism has been defined by some in the Libertarian Party as not of the Right. They have promoted a chart for years that shows the Libertarian Party as having many characteristics in common with the Right but not the vaunted Social Issues.

    Frankly this has never made sense to me. If you study issues on question of whether the individual is empowered versus group, most policies of the Right on economic, social, legal, etc. favor the individual to live, work, earn, risk, and die without government or group say.

    Reagan’s political saavy in bringing the Christian groups like Moral Majority into the Republican fold was powerful. They were focused. They were passionate. They were loyal. They drove me nuts. Yet they have been the base for the Republican Party when it came time to get out the vote.

    When I was studying my Citizenship in the United States Merit Badge in Boy Scouts some 25 years ago, I met with our local Republican Precinct Chairman to learn more about local politics. One thing he said to me then has stuck with me ever since. He told me if you vote, you have one voice. If you motivate your friends and family to vote, you have the effect of many voices. If you work in a precinct to increase the party voters in your precinct, you have the effect of your precinct’s voice. If you move on up, your voice represents the ever-increasing constituents you represent.

    As divisive a force as was Rev. Falwell, he understood the principle of political amplification. In fact he added a dimension of time: if your organization has a coherent, lasting voice, you will create long-term momentum.

    The problem with the vaunted Center of American politics is that they have not had a coherent voice to motivate those of like minds. They have been victims of the Baby Boomer overemphasis on the rights of the individual as an invitation to disregard the larger group. They have allowed the Democrat and Liberal groups to destroy the individual and his rights in the name of empowering the individual while living out an Alinsky fantasy.

    The power of the Tea Party is how many of these aging Baby Boomers have finally found a new political home. They are powerful because they are less interested in themselves and more interested in the country than they have been in much of their cohort’s history. It is a great change.

    This group has no affiliation to the ghosts of elections past. (Just imagine Rev. Falwell doing his best impersonation of Dicken’s Ghost of Christmases Past and you can imagine my mental picture.) That separation from those ghosts give me great joy.

  14. WWS says:

    good comments, Hekktor. You’ve hit the nail on the head as to why organization is so important – one of the main reasons the Iranian protestors against the faked election lost was because there was no overall organization to their efforts, and thus the opposition could be picked off and silenced one by one.

    The dustbin of history is full of the carcasses of the unorganized opposition. The tea party has made an excellent start, but to survive and have a true impact it has got to begin to coalesce around some concrete policy ideals. Especially now that Harry Reid has decided that the only way he can win re-election in Nevada is by intentionally firing up a white vs. hispanic race war. If you hadn’t realized that’s what he’s doing, that’s the plan. He doesn’t want to pass a bill – he wants to poison the atmosphere so much that Hispanics are terrified into voting for him, so he is going to make his “immigration” bill as obnoxious and impractical as possible. Force those mean Rebublicans into opposing it, see, and then spend the entire fall calling them racists. This is the whole point of introducing it now.

    But I suspect it may still backfire on him – he is a hamhanded git, after all. And a lot of democrats aren’t going to be as happy about this move as Harry is.

    One other thing on the pros and cons of the so-called “social conservatives” – nothing gripes me more than someone like Huckabee, who pretends to be a conservative by pandering on the issues like religion, guns, and abortion, while on every economic issue he comes out as liberal as Teddy Kennedy was. He’s no “conservative” in any realistic sense – he just plays one on teevee, and he doesn’t even do a very good job of that.

    One other thought this morning passed on by my family in Phoenix – Hayworth isn’t struggling against McCain because of any conservative/centrist issues. Hayworth is struggling because voters haven’t forgotten that he lost his congressional seat because he got caught up in the Abramoff bribery scandal, and even though he talks a good game he isn’t very widely trusted to keep his hand out of the cookie jar if he gets back to Washington. At least with McCain voters know what they’re going to get – okay, a Washington showboat who for 5 1/2 years out of every 6 couldn’t care less about the voters back home, but still at least that won’t be a surprise.

  15. lurker9876 says:

    Saw Dan Patrick on Huck’s show a few weeks ago and heard Huck’s responses to Dan’s comments. I was just amazed at how Huck appeared to agree with Dan’s comments but didn’t believe Huck.

    Also, I have no idea why Huck’s poll numbers are so close with Mitt against Obama.

    Ron Paul, too.

    And quite frankly, I can’t think of anyone that I could vote for in 2012. I am afraid that my vote will be a vote for anyone but Obama as it was in 2008.

  16. Alert1201 says:

    One reason Huck is doing so well is because evangelicals are on board with him. His phony-aw-shuck Christianity is sucking many of them in. Plus he comes across as such a nice guy. I followed him in the primaries last in 2008 and he drove me nuts. He made some good points in the debates but I could barely stand to look at him. Then I listened to him on a radio show and he came across as the nicest, most mild manner person I had ever heard. Callers would dial in who were furious at something he had said or done and within two or three minutes he would have them eating out of his hand. He just has a way with people that is absolutely amazing. Not that I will ever vote for the man. But I think the demeanor has a positive influence on a lot of people.

  17. owl says:

    I said a while back they had to steal the election on a much larger scale and make immigration the issue. They had to have a plan to convince that many greedy, crooked politicians to vote to cut their own throats with Obamacare. I don’t think anyone can even start to imagine the Nov fraud that’s coming.

  18. Frogg1 says:

    Huckabee has never been one of my favorites. But, I do give him credit for bringing the “Fair Tax” debate into the national discussion. He did a great job with that issue.

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