Apr 22 2010

Dunces In DC Don’t Comprehend The Word “Cut”

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Democrats in DC are being stupidly stubborn.  They keep thinking of useless things for government to do (like regulate salt content in food), costing us thousands of dollars a year per person for things we don’t want or need. They ARE the cancer of out of control government spending.

Take healthcare for example. Under the current/previous system we all covered the uninsured through premium and price mark ups. Those in need did not need to pay to be taken care of to a minimum level (no cadillac plans). Now we are all going to get less medical care (especially as we grow older) and we are now going to pay for the uninsured by hiring tens of thousands of useless and mindless bureaucrats, sucking out more money for ‘overhead’ that would have gone to helping people under the pre-Obamacare system. What kind of a cockamamy scheme is that? Is this a health care overhaul or a bureaucrat jobs program?

Amongst the historic deficits and one failed liberal scheme after another, the country is asking when is enough going to be enough? (The answer is probably that we hit ‘enough’ in 1960 or 1970). The real reason the Democrats are going to be marched out of DC this fall – never to be allowed back as the majority – is they don’t get the fact there are alternatives to their big government madness.

The big alternative is to make ‘cuts’! Cutback, now. Stop building skateboard parks and dog runs. Stop putting politician’s names on buildings. Stop studying the mating habits of college students. Stop the insanity. Don’t go near my food choices (I will decide how much salt I want or need).

They aren’t listening. To them there is only one choice. Keep the cancer of government growing:

President Barack Obama’s Democratic allies in the Senate promise to cut the deficit by almost two-thirds over the next five years, but their budget plan could threaten about 30 million people with tax increases averaging $3,700 in 2012 and after because of the alternative minimum tax.

The alternative is tax increases elsewhere in the revenue code averaging up to $100 billion a year after 2011 to continue alternative minimum tax relief and also curb taxes on people inheriting large estates.

The Democratic plan released Wednesday by Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad of North Dakota relies on such boosts in revenues to carve the deficit from $1.4 trillion last year down to $545 billion by 2015.

And growing even more:

President Barack Obama suggested Wednesday that a new value-added tax on Americans is still on the table, seeming to show more openness to the idea than his aides have expressed in recent days.

Before deciding what revenue options are best for dealing with the deficit and the economy, Obama said in an interview with CNBC, “I want to get a better picture of what our options are.”

Well Einstein, the options include cutbacks. Even centrist democrats are screaming out (to no avail) there is an alternative to our current heading towards economic collapse:

Moreover, the most recent Gallup poll shows that the Tea Party movement is at least as popular as the Democratic Party. And the Tea Party movement stands for fiscal discipline, limited government and balancing the budget — an agenda that has broad public support extending well beyond the movement. Polling conducted by one of us (Schoen) found that 55 percent of respondents endorse that agenda. More important, a solid majority of swing voters endorse it.

The swing voters, who are key to the fate of the Democratic Party, care most about three things: reigniting the economy, reducing the deficit and creating jobs.

These voters are outraged by the seeming indifference of the Obama administration and congressional Democrats, who they believe wasted a year on health-care reform. These voters will not tolerate more diversion from their pressing economic concerns. They view the Obama administration as working systematically to protect the interests of public-sector employees and organized labor — by offering specific benefits such as pension protection and tax reductions at the expense of all taxpayers.

Democrats must understand that voters will not accept seeing their tax dollars used to pay for higher wages and better benefits for public-sector employees when they themselves are getting higher taxes and lower wages.

I am not worried long term about these tax hikes. They will be attempted but will never go into effect – at least not for very long.

The problem is the Democrats now will not cut back government and its taxes on the people. Thus they are extending this recession and killing off all options for new job creation. I and many other small business owners are holding on our hiring because all indications point to more government take over and take away. We can’t afford to risk the incomes of those we have employed.

From dictating salaries to salt content, from taking over car companies and running mortgages into the ground, the government has become so invasive it has now a strangle hold on just about all aspects of our lives.

Unlike Europeans – who literally recoil in fear at having to be an educated consumer for complex services like health care, etc. – Americans take pride in taking care of themselves and revel in the freedom of making choices. We love trying to find the best deal. We don’t want or need a nanny state – especially one that screws up everything.

Democrats think Americans need hand holding. The fact is Democrats are the ones in need. They need to feel superior, they need to feel like they are the ones providing for the needy. And so they take our money and waste it on stupid ideas to fulfill their delusions of saving the planet and humanity from its incompetent and evil core self.

The only thing we need saving from is deluded liberals in DC. And like most things, we can take care of that ourselves.

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  2. archtop says:

    Some interpretation of the foregoing news bits:

    “promise to cut the deficit by almost two-thirds over the next five years” = NEVER

    “revenue options” = HUGE TAX INCREASES

    It’s really very simple. Our bankrupt government has gone out and spent huge amounts of money we don’t have on things we didn’t want, and now wants us to pay for it…

  3. WWS says:

    Chris Christie is the wave of the future – he’s the first Governor with the nerve to actually begin telling the voters what has to be done to get out of this mess. If he can succeed we have some hope for the country. If he fails we all will.

    Interesting that the similarly named Florida Gov. Crist is on his way out for *not* having the guts to make any similarly hard choices, and to choose instead to pander to the unions in a vain hope for support. (vetoing the florida Education bill in order to appease the Teacher’s union)

    Christie is the example of what Republicans need to be to be respected and succeed – Charlie Crist is an example of the political cancer that still needs to be excised before anyone can have any respect for or trust of the message. Lindsey Graham needs to stop playing footsie with John Kerry and his Cap and Trade bill, or else he’s going to earn a spot on this list as well.

    In unrelated news, it’s interesting that John McCain has come out strongly in favor of Arizona’s hardline new immigration bill. He also now says that he was never a “maverick”, and that he doesn’t know why anyone would call him that.

    like I said…. interesting.

  4. ivehadit says:

    Yep,arch, it’s like telling the victim to pay for their rapist’s court costs…and lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

    Can we now question what in the world the independents were thinking when they voted for this mess in the WH? Can I now say that they needed to at least listen to those “extremists” like Hannity and Rush and Levin…Not saying they have all the answers but they were dead on about this group in the WH now.

    With all due respect, I am just flabergasted that anyone is shocked or dismayed by what was exactly predicted in ’08…before the election.

    Here’ s hoping that the likes of Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, & Eric Cantor can be the new leaders of this great country.

  5. Wilbur Post says:

    Democlods think Americans need hand holding… The biggest joke about that is that THEY are dumber than a box of Bidens, and that includes the gold-plated idiot hisself. I can’t fathom why these morons think they are capable of making decisions for 3 hundred million people when they themselves are likely to need help (fire, police and paramedics) to escape from a wet paper bag. If they weren’t highly-government-paid political performance artists, I think most of these idiots would be panhandlers.

  6. KauaiBoy says:

    Right on WWS—Christie is presenting the hard reality that there is no such thing as a free lunch or a free education. Everything costs something and someone has to pay for it. Thanks Chris for the reality check soon to roll out nationwide.

  7. AJ,

    The last political institution in the Congress that supports the kind of political centerism you advocate is in the process of being murdered.

    Check this out:


    Senate Democrats are going to regret this when they are thrown back into the minority.

    Which may even be as soon as Nov 2010, if they push through “Cap & Trade” and Immigration Amnesty using this rules change.

    Sen John McCain may regret it even sooner than that.

    Rep. J.D. Hayworth, his Arizona primary opponent, will use this to crucify McCain for his “Gang of 14” judicial fillibuster stupidity.

  8. Frogg1 says:

    To follow up on WWS’ post about NJ Gov Christie, Look what Christie has done:

    Go Chris Christie cleans house

  9. Alert1201 says:

    I listened to Christie on a Sean Hannity interview. Very impressive man. Still has that bull dog prosecutor attitude and is not afraid to hit back harder then the enemy.

    Funny how the media always views the independents as the smart thoughtful bunch who always carefully weigh all the options before the cast their vote.

  10. jll3sonex says:

    The problem with a 24-7-365 governing body is that they feel they have to be “Useful” to justify the inflated prestige and power they’ve glommed onto. As in academia it’s “Publish or Perish”, with politicians they have to be visibly seen as ‘Doing Something To Help Their Constituency” … ALL the damn time.

    They cannot just sit back. They cannot cut spending or programs – that’ll piss off voters. They can try to hide what they’re doing in massive bills (that don’t quite seem to have the effects they intend) but then the law of unintended consequences hits because they never thought through what they’re doing beyond

    (A) We need to do something about (issue of the moment)
    (B) Legislation is written to take care of (issue of the moment)
    (C) Then a miracle occurs
    (D) Everyone lives happily ever after.

    I think we need to cut back the legislative year to a maximum of three months. If something comes up (like an attack on the US) then they can reconvene – otherwise, stay out of the beltway!

  11. WWS says:

    Alert1201: remember that Independants are *Only* smart and thoughtful when they vote for the Left. If they vote for the right or, even worse, support the Tea Party movement, then they are knee jerk reactionaries who are swayed only be the emotions of the moment.

    Keith Olbmermann told us so. btw, did you see how Olby got Donny Deutsch, a fellow liberal, banned from MSNBC for daring to imply that Keithy was angry and hateful? MSNBC’s on-air speech code is on display for all to see!

    One other interesting story this morning, and I’m sure AJ knows the significance of this more than anyone. It’s the launch of the X-37B, the mini-shuttle developed by the military. Completely automated.

    The military has developed this so it can bypass NASA launch systems completely. As “The Right Stuff” details, men were only necessary in order to sell a civilian program to the public. The military knows that they don’t need that, and cutting out all the life support capabilities makes the vehicle much cheaper and easier to construct. Although it’s top secret, I’m sure that it can also be controlled much the same way that the Predators and Reapers are controlled. Why send up an astronaut when the vehicle can be piloted from a console in Vandenburg?

    Most importantly is the reason this is being done *Now*. The military brass knows that there are not going to be any more manned launches from this country, not for a very long time. We no longer have a reliable launch platform. The only way we go into space is on Russian or Chinese platforms – obviously unacceptable to the military planners.

    With this vehicle, they no longer need to care. That’s why it was built. And what’s worse, the military no longer needs NASA, which means that they will be working to divert all available space exploration money to the Pentagon, where it’s use will be classified.

    They will probably succeed.

    NASA is dead. The epitaph should read:

    NASA – Created by Eisenhower, Inspired by Kennedy, Murdered by Obama.

    A shining, 50 year experiment in civilian control and scientific exploration that is now over.

  12. kathie says:

    When the electorate of a great country elects a man with little knowledge of, or love for the country he represents this is what you get. Chaos at home and abroad. Obama is a man with pie in the sky ideas of what “social justice” would look like, if only we Americans were willing to cooperate and the world of humans were good and decent. And by God if you don’t see it my way I will punish you. A very interesting way of governing. What an inspirational guy.

  13. joe six-pack says:

    The political pendulum in this country swings back and forth. Generally, it does not swing to one extreme or the other. I have thought that this is a good thing. Today, however we are seeing a swing to the far left. To me, this looks further left than our country has ever gone. The swing back to the right will probably be much futher than we have ever seen either. You know the old saying: “Payback is a real Bitch!”

    I do not see any of this as being good for our country. Our government not listening to us on important issues? Even if we can get the pendulum swinging back and forth on a moderate level again, the very fact that our government can avoid listening to us when it believes that the public is wrong will only become stronger when a REAL crisis hits us.

  14. ivehadit says:

    Look, some people act in good-faith. George W. Bush acted in good-faith. He sought to be a leader of all Americans and he listened when he could have easily become a rigid Nixon/Obama type leader. He loves his country, his homeland which he fought endlessly and tirelessly to defend and protect. He kept us strong.

    Sadly, our government has been filled with those who do not hold the same opinion and tried to take him down, having a shadow government. THIS is a piece of what is truly scary in our modern era-a government too big to be controlled.

    Some people only act out of power-you’re either above or below them and they intend to be above. They are not acting in good-faith but rather have an intention to have “power over”, NOT “power with”. Imho, black nationalists are in this group as are the current occupants in the WH. They rejoice with malicious glee at the average American’s misforturnes which they help to create, imho. Sadistic is a word I would use in reference to this group…and Schadenfreude-filled. Sadly, they are the very thing they hate…and have become those against whom they have railed for decades.

    As I heard yesterday, what else can you call the actions of this current government other than secular socialist? A rose is a rose, not matter….

  15. WWS says:

    Alright, I’m amazed – Lindsey Graham finally did the right thing, even if he did it for a silly reason. (he didn’t do this because it’s right, he did because he’s pissed that his legislative advice and priorities are being ignored even though he’s spent a year and a half sucking up to Obama)

    Good news, with Graham out, any Climate/energy legislation should be dead until the next Congress.

    “The effort to enact comprehensive climate and energy legislation this year suffered a critical blow Saturday when Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.), the key Republican proponent of the bill, withdrew his support because of what he said was a “cynical political” decision by Democrats to advance immigration legislation first.

    The move forced the other two authors of the climate and energy bill, Sens. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) and Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.), to cancel a much-anticipated news conference planned for Monday at which they were to unveil the plan they negotiated with Graham. ”


  16. tarpon says:

    Redistribution, reparations in the name of debt …