Feb 12 2006

Ignore The Cartoons, We Have Clowns To Deal With

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In a classic example of why we should ignore the cartoons and the reactions to the cartoons Michelle Malkin has an example from Ohio where some a poke at CNN riled up a way too sensitive Muslim organization (CAIR). Folks, we should all know by now not to feed the trolls! This is such a vapor-filled issue. No need to join the food fight. Note: the first update is at the end.


Is it me or did the entire world just lose its mind? Before you think I am on my own soap box here I was told a long time ago by a physicist friend, who is smarter than most people on the planet, that to be the lone voice usually means you are the wrong voice. So I sincerely ask the question – why are we worried about these dumb cartoons?

I read all over people want them printed here and printed there, like you can’t find these cartoons all over the web? I see a calculated program to incite the Muslim street which is best dealt with through a news blackout instead of continuing their cause through our attention and emotion. They are cartoons! The Muslims we want on our side will understand they are not a reflection of their view of Mohamed, and that they will reflect the best of Mohamed through their lives.

The political cartoonist is not something worth getting worked up over. Most are just angry people lashing out at others it seems. The good ones point out our foibles and follies in a way we can laugh at ourselves. The worst are out to hurt others. Mark Steyn today has a piece that illustrates how stupid this discussion has come by pointing out the new outrage from Muslim over blow up Mohamed (not the suicide murderer type, the sex shop type). I am surprised he even wasted his time to write about it. And I am trying to grasp why any of us would care about the blow up doll or the overly sensitive Muslims who are so insecure about their religion.

Jack Kelley has a piece out that explores all the misuse of political cartoons at their worst – angering people over nothing. I do agree with Kelley on this – if you are going to defend the right to insult Christians and Jews and Conservatives, you better not fold up when a mad terrorists instigator comes at you. The media should be out of the hate and hurt business anyway – but to insult so many people here in the US and then wimp out with these terrorist demonstrates who the true chicken hawks are. Remember Ted Rall’s disgusting piece about Pat Tillman? Seems the US media is all talk and no spine.

Everyone seems to be missing the point. The media should never have been used to hurt others, demean them, and denigrate their causes or beliefs. What has the conservative blogosphere in an uproar is the media has been used for this purpose for a long time – on conservatives. We should not be calling for the media to export it’s worst features, we should be pointing out what is a responsible use of their resources.

Because the real concern is not cartoons, it is people who deny we are at war at all. The clowns on the left are trying to pretend 9-11 never happened, was a Bush-Cheney run operation or was the fault of the US and not the poor Muslims. And they too get too much play in serious publications. Just because a Kucinich or a McKinney exist in the Congress who might buy into these nutty ideas doesn’t mean they deserve voice.

Those who deny our state of danger are much more dangerous to us than the terrorists sympathizers whining about cartoons and blow up dolls. We are discussing in Congress the option of securing communications for terrorists here in the US. We cannot let this kind of Orwellian mind washing take root in America’s psyche:

Having survived ludicrous color-coded terror alerts and intermittent videograms from Osama bin Laden, the country is growing too jaded to panic. But Bush is still batting .500. The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, continue to paralyze Democrats, who can’t get beyond ”no” as their official national security policy.

The Democrats’ paralysis began immediately after 9/11. Spurred by patriotism, a desire to look nonpartisan and a fear of looking weak on terror, they bought into the Bush response.

Emphasis mine. I hope too many people do not believe the Democrats did not take the 9-11 threat seriously and look at how exposed we are as an open society and work to find ways to protect us. I seriously too many were as jaded as this sad lady and simply made decisions based on their appearance to the media at the time. But this denial is the mind washing of history made so famous in Orwell’s book 1984 – which so many on the left say they fear as the practice it. Now that is an Orwellian trait!

During the 2004 presidential election, John Kerry, the Democratic nominee, tried but failed to separate his campaign from policies he previously embraced. Over the past year, Democrats in Congress noisily challenged the president on issues ranging from war to torture and wiretapping. Each time, the White House pushed back with the usual formula of scare and dare.

I am sorry to say this, but this person is one simple minded fool. Democrats never had an answer to the risk or Bush’s solution. While liberals claimed Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11 the rest of us knew it represented a host of possible future 9-11s. The fact the left could not see the potential risk is why they were deemed unprepared for these dangerous times. The liberals only have one person claiming to have been violated by the wire taps, a self confessed Al Qaeda operative who was attempting to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge. The torture claim turned out to be aggressive interrogations. Abu Graihb turned out to be some immature and sick individuals and not the policies of the United States.

Time and time again the liberals not only got it wrong, their positions always ended up strengthening the terrorists’ case. Be factually wrong and on the wrong side tends to help lose elections. What this poor person does not appreciate is how accurately she described herself and all those on the marginal far left

Then, Coretta Scott King’s funeral intervened. Four presidents attended — Democrats Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and the Republican father and son, George H.W. and George W. Bush. Carter used the platform to allude to the Bush administration wiretapping controversy. He mentioned the difficulties that Mrs. King and her husband, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., endured as they became the target of secret government wiretapping; he failed to mention that attorney general Robert F. Kennedy, a Democrat, authorized the King wiretapping. In their funeral remarks, the Bushes took the gracious approach, leaving the Democrats to look tastelessly partisan.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…..


Mac Ranger found some dangerous clowns over at Newsweak.

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5 Responses to “Ignore The Cartoons, We Have Clowns To Deal With”

  1. clintsf says:


    I totally agree that vastly too much attention is being paid to these cartoons and the outrage some troublemakers have stirred up — there are dozens of serious things going on in the world (Iran’s nuclear program; North Korea’s nuclear program; the election of Hamas in Gaza; selling submarines to Taiwan; mass protests in China; the growing Indian economy; the genocide in Sudan; elections in Peru; Hugo Chavez; conservatives in Canada; tensions between India and Pakistan; and on and on…) and these cartoons don’t rate.

    But… I’m still confused by the characterization of these cartoons by people I usually agree with. You wrote: “The media should never have been used to hurt others, demean them, and denigrate their causes or beliefs.

    Is that what you think the Danish paper was doing?

    It seems obvious to me that these twelve cartoons are well within the bounds of civilized discourse. Can you explain why you apparently don’t — or at least which ones you feel are outside the bounds? Several of them seem to have aimed their wit more at the Danish newspaper itself than at anything Islamic, while several other seem to be simply illustrations.

  2. AJStrata says:


    What I was saying was the news media should not be used in general to hurt or denigrate – it should be used to inform. My point was the US media has been slandering and denigrating conservatives for so long that is now what they do. They lost their purpose to their partisan desires and vision.

    In that light of that definition of responsible journalism, we would neither have Piss Christ or these Cartoons because they would not be ‘informing’.

    I support the right to speech, and I support responsible use of it.

    Those are not in conflict.

  3. AJ,
    I agree with you (and wrote a post to the effect last week) that we should always be aware of how we say things and what we say; the problem is that when you are dealing with hyper-sensitive bullies, they will always find a reason to be offended. At some point the West has to draw the line and the cartoons seem to me to be as good a place as any. Ultimately, I dont think the cartoons, per se, matter; if this passes it will just be something else next week or next month.

  4. AJStrata says:


    Thanks for dropping by to comment. I guess my point is pick the right battle and pick the right tactics. The tactic for the cartoons is we should ignore the complaining and use this as a time to commiserate with Muslims on how free speech is misused by some. We should agree with them and point out all those stupid comments about conservatives and Christians, etc. We should use this opportunity to bash the press for not doing its supposedly prime job – informing, not inflaming.

    That would be my tactic on this battlefield. Defusing the general anger and isolating the instigators is the goal. Teaching the media is the goal. Beating Al Qaeda is the goal.

    If you look at the goals I think you will agree the tactics selected do not work.

  5. So-called community representatives

    This week, I found, much to my disgust, that some dhimmi rabbis and priests prostrated themselves in CAIR’s attempts to attack a cartoonist, Chip Bok, at the Akron Beacon Journal (via Medpundit) for a cartoon he drew that made jabs not at the Islamis…