Mar 30 2010

Obamacare Begins With Little Support, All Downhill From Here

One thing this liberal administration and congress know how too do real well is over promise and then fail to produce.  Everything they claim has the ring of a shady used car salesman promising luxury, power and head turning respect – then you pay the exorbitant price and get an embarrassing clunker instead.

That was the pattern on the ‘shovel-ready’, ‘miracle-of-government-spending’ stimulus bill which did nothing but bankrupt the next generation.

And that is the pattern we are seeing on health care reform. Obama promised sunshine and free health care for all. And when that fails to materialize, he and the dems will pay the price of duping Americans once again. This is all crystal clear in the latest USAToday/Gallup poll:

Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the health care overhaul signed into law last week costs too much and expands the government’s role in health care too far, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, underscoring an uphill selling job ahead for President Obama and congressional Democrats.

Those surveyed are inclined to fear that the massive legislation will increase their costs and hurt the quality of health care their families receive, although they are more positive about its impact on the nation’s health care system overall.

The numbers are very bleak with one exception – extending access. But the bill doesn’t extend access. If you couldn’t afford health care before the bill was signed, you won’t afford it now. In fact, because of the requirement to cover pre-existing conditions without taking into account the pre-existing conditions, everyone’s costs are going to sky rocket as the most expensively sick of the low income jump back into the insurance pools, spreading the costs to everyone. This will only push premium costs up across the board, dumping more people out based on price.

This is no surprise to Americans who have been following the issue carefully, and have avoided being lulled by the huckster math from liberal politicians:

  • A plurality predicts the law will improve health care coverage generally and the overall health of Americans. But a majority says it also will drive up overall costs and worsen the federal budget deficit.
  • When it comes to their families, they see less gain and more pain: Pluralities say it will make coverage and quality of care worse for them. By 50%-21%, they predict it will make their costs higher.

What do you think the mood of the country will be when the prices go up and nothing improves? My prediction is the response will be like the one that greeted the failed stimulus bill and the bogus theory government spending lifts all boats (it only protects government workers and political connected power brokers – unlike tax cuts).

So here we sit at the high water mark for liberals as they bask in their delusional self glory. In the USA/Today Gallup pool President Obama’s approval ratings start off in negative territory with 47% approval and 50% disapproval. At that is among just ordinary adults, I am sure it is even worse among likely, off-year election voters.

In a just released Washington Post/ABC News poll Congress is at their all time historic lows – last seen before the 1994 electoral blow out. Nearly 3 out of people disapprove (72%). If that is the mood going to the voting booth in November it is a sure bet Democrats lose one, maybe even both houses.

There is no magic wand that can make helping the sick, hurt and dying in this country any cheaper. There is no magic wand to make Medicare and Medicaid solvent without sacrifices. There is no magic wand which will make an unemployed person able to live in the life-style they were accustomed to when were fully employed.

When Obamacare fails to make a difference this year people who fell for the liberal BS are going to be livid – at themselves and at the folks who over promised and under delivered once again. For the Democrats, its all down hill from here.

Update: The health care cost ‘death spiral’ is now spinning up:

When states tried to fix their individual health insurance markets—the marketplace for those who don’t get insurance through their employers—the initial idea was to simply prohibit insurers from discriminating against individuals with preexisting conditions. But that caused what insurers called a “death spiral”—ever higher premiums as relatively healthy people decided to wait until they were sick to buy insurance, leaving smaller and smaller pools of more and more expensive individuals.

The solution to this problem, both in Massachusetts and in ObamaCare, was the individual mandate: Force everyone to pay in, bringing balance to the insurance pool and keeping prices down. Of course, that only works if everyone is actually compelled to purchase insurance.

As planned by the agents of destruction. The libs don’t care who gets hurt in their quest for power, just collateral casualties.

Update: AllahPundit has found the beginning of the Democrats’ slippery slope to political oblivion.

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7 Responses to “Obamacare Begins With Little Support, All Downhill From Here”

  1. Wilbur Post says:

    On top of that, the stupid POS does NOT do what His Highness Obama has been saying it will do. For example, the Babbler-in-Chief said children with pre-existing conditions could not be denied coverage. It turns out that’s not exactly true. The company can’t deny coverage for a child already covered by a policy, but it does NOT have to sell to somebody with a pre-existing condition and CAN raise premiums to cover the cost. ( Of course, the usual congress-clowns are pissed to find out the bill they didn’t read has things in it they didn’t know about.

    Somebody have a clue: if these people don’t read the crap they are voting on and don’t know what’s it those bills, why the hell are we paying them? Why do we even need them? We could vote for stuff without reading it ourselves.

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  3. Alert1201 says:

    “When Obamacare fails to make a difference this year people who fell for the liberal BS are going to be livid – at themselves and at the folks who over promised and under delivered once again. For the Democrats, its all down hill from here.”

    And I hope they will be livid at the dunderheads in the MSM who gave and continue to give the 0 a free pass.

    May they will never be trusted again by a significant majority of Americans.

  4. WWS says:

    In a fascinating twist, it *appear* (detailed analysis still to be done) that the bill left out any effective enforcement mechanism for the odious health insurance mandate. It seems that the IRS is supposed to enforce it but is so far not allowed to lay any penalty on anyone who does not comply.

    Good news for Obama – this may make the lawsuits against the mandate more difficult to win. (but they could still lose, also)

    The bad news for Obama – this guarantees the dreaded “insurance death spiral” which means that financially, the entire scheme will collapse within a year.

    Here’s the problem – if there is no enforcable mandate, and if insurance *Has* to be issued to anyone regardless of pre-existing conditions, then why would any healthy person buy insurance at all? Better to wait til you get sick and then go buy it. This strategy fails in a sane system where applicants can be turned down for pre-existing conditions, but in Obama’s Brave, New World, they can’t. So increasing numbers of healthy people (especially young people) will be dropping out of the system, and as they drop out the insurance rates will get higher and higher since there are more people in the pool, and the higher they get the more people drop out.

    This guarantees fiscal disaster.

  5. lurker9876 says:

    I wish this disaster will occur sooner than one year to convince many voters to vote against these Democrats in November.

    The insurers have just agreed to insure children with pre-existing conditions.

    Sebelius has to be really stupid to realize that the insurers will simply raise premiums to cover these children.

  6. WWS,

    >>This guarantees fiscal disaster.

    This is a feature, not a bug.

    The purpose of the Obamacare bill is to destroy Private health care insurance, so that government single payer is the only option, before Obama’s first term of office is over.

  7. fiatlux says:

    “The solution to this problem, both in Massachusetts and in ObamaCare, was the individual mandate: Force everyone to pay in, ……”

    Government Force and coercion – it’s the totalitarian’s universal tool for solving difficult problems when uneducated, sociopaths, like us, present an argument to to the intelligentsia.

    Who has time to listen, observe or study when there is a revolution to conduct? We are the eggs, friends, and the Duke of Marlboro is making an omelet.