Mar 26 2010

Obamacare For Idiots

This excellent parable nails the bait and switch of Obamacare for our current health care brilliantly. All you need to know about what just happened is explained by way of the analogy of accessing entertainment via cable, etc. Some excerpts:

The cable company, BFD Communications, produces an incredibly complicated plan for providing cable television service to the community. The plan is thousands of pages long, and no one even claims to have read the whole thing. They spend the weeks leading up to the big board meeting pestering all of the residents with relentless advertising for their services, covering doorknobs and windshields with brochures. Their presentation at the board meeting is several hours long.

BFD Communications explains that purchasing their service will require a lifetime contract, which can never be broken. The condo residents will be required to deal exclusively with BFD for their entertainment needs – all satellite dishes must go, and even the library will fall under their control. The contract will include funding for a large corporate security force, which will ensure compliance by issuing fines for illegal satellite dishes, or attempts to smuggle rented movies into the development. As this feature of the contract is being explained to the homeowners, a large screen behind the BFD representatives is flashing slogans like “BFD Enhances Competition!” and “BFD Saves You Money!”

It is so Nineteen Eighty Four, and so damn accurate. And this will be what is coming in November:

Bring it on, Mr President? Absolutely!

Addendum: As with any good parable, this one has lessons to learn:

Free people do not accept restrictions from which their government is exempt. This is one of the differences between leaders and rulers.

A demand for commitment without a guarantee of performance is domination, not service.

Hear, Hear!

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  1. Neo says:

    No one really knows what the “Big F..n Deal” will bring.

  2. dhunter says:

    Dear Liar, the Pinnochio Presidente, packed an “Old Basketball Fieldhouse” in Iowa City yesterday with 3000 supporters to issue a challenge to Republicans to bring it on.
    1.) Not Presidential to gloat and throw down challenges to your opponents.
    2.) The fieldhouse in Ia City is where teams used to practice and is relagated to the ROTC and gymnastics classes pretty much these days.
    3.) There was a crowd of 150- to 250 protestors outside politely holding signs as reported by the state run media. So that figure is probably far larger than reported and included DOCTORS.
    4.) The people have turned off Pinnochio. 3000 people on the most liberal college campus in the most liberal city in Iowa?

    A very few idiots and party faithful (Idiots) turn out so the venue is made small so as to play to a packed crowd.

    The Pinnochio looked pissed and played his divide and conquer game, only thing is is he is dividing his own party driving away independents and losing the battle.
    Until he legalizes and registers to vote 30 million illegals that is.

    How ironic that just across the river in Ill. John Deere and Caterpillar are set to lose 100 million on Pinnochios healthscare scam.

    How ironic that the Unions that infest these two corporations in huge percentages voted for Pinnochio and financed him and his dem enablers.
    How ironic that they may have signed their own pink slips.

  3. owl says:

    That image of him laughing in our faces saying ‘bring it on’ is almost unbelievable. Good thing I didn’t take my blood pressure. Images of him laughing because Joe was a plumber(of all people to be questioning him even if he was in JOE’s yard). Images of him laughing about ‘lipstick on a pig’ (and of course Palin was the pig). Shooting the bird to Hillary, McCain and even Paul Ryan. Constantly laughing in our faces. We have never had something like this. He truly hates us.

    Now put this image up against him this morning. He wants us all to help him de-nuke the USA. I say to each elected politician, you help him, you make my list. I don’t care if you think it is for my good. Trust me. If he wants it, I don’t. He has a proven track record with a full cast of thug helpers. NO.

    They will rig the elections (in our faces) and if he can not shut us up with charges of racism and violence, he will start a war before HIS next election. After all, how can we talk bad about our President when he is fighting a new war? He either has to fire up enough of his side or shut us up. To do that he has to find new voters (convicts/illegals/redistricts or war). Yep, I am a believer.

  4. mbabbitt says:

    Disclosure: I am a nervous, anxious, and shy man. (I suffer from severe generalized anxiety disorder.) But I am now helping Constitutionally loyal candidates in my area of greater Seattle get elected even though I have to get out in public to do this. It is just way too important to for me to wait till I am no longer feel scared; that is too long a wait. Protesting is good for sure, but unless we get out and work to get good people elected, these disgusting, power hungry, Constitution ignoring, economy destroying politicians will not be thrown out of office. It’s time to get out of our comfort zone and engage the enemies of our Republic fully.

  5. dhunter says:

    Thankyou mbabbitt

  6. How do you (or CAN you) do a trackback url?

    I just wanted to show that I had linked to this post, in a post of mine ( ). that really had nothing more to say than “Take a look at this piece by AJStrata”, as I felt there was nothing to add.

  7. Wilbur Post says:

    This man is the first creep ever to be president.

  8. mbabbitt says:

    First, let me say that in the Tea Party movement in my region of the country I have met so many nice, decent people who are true patriots. What gems they are! It is partly because of their goodness and character that I find myself willing to take more risks.

    Yes, Wilbur Post, this is the first president I think of as a pure jerk. (I thought of Bill Clinton as a sleazeball but not even close to this level of fearful disgust.) He is not just someone I disagree with. I was hoping (that word again) that he would surprise me and be the true listening, facilitating, and healing president he advertised, albeit way too liberal. But this man, Barack Obama, is a disgrace to the title of POTUS. He’s juvenile, petty, thuggish, undiplomatic, a blatant liar, and just plain mean and disrespectful to a significant portion the people of this country — and he doesn’t even have the decency to want to hide it; he is the epitome of the contemptful leftist, academic elitist. Every patriotic American has the duty to do everything in their power and skillset to defeat this fool and his agenda.

  9. AJ,

    Obamacare is about destroying private health insurance to force America onto a government single payer plan.

    Everything else is just smoke.

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  11. kathie says:

    AT&T just announced it will take a $1 billion hit the first quarter because of the “health care” reform law. Yes I say bring down those evil multinationals, cut the legs out from under the rich evil capitalists, there are just too many rich businesses and people running around America, kill them all off. What have they ever done for the middle class, the poor, the downtrodden, the sick, the rising seas. We Americans don’t need them anymore.

    Who exactly is Barack Obama? Know a person by the company he keeps, even if they say nice words. Remember that America the next time you go to the polls.

  12. kathie says:


    Election results:
    Allawi: 89
    Maliki: 87
    Hakim+Sadr: 68

    What will America do next…….Iraq could be in for a bumpy ride. Is Obama up for the challenges? Probably not, if he even remembers we have 90,000 troops still in Iraq.

  13. Mike M. says:

    He probably doesn’t.

    Nor North Korea…and if you haven’t heard, a South Korean warship just sank – possibly torpedoed. This could go white-hot very soon.

  14. ivehadit says:

    “Trust me. If he wants it, I don’t. He has a proven track record with a full cast of thug helpers. NO. ”

    Owl, you are so right.

    Today we had an airshow near my home. It was so great to hear the roar of those jets….Reminded me of shortly after 9/11 when I would call that sound, The Sound of Freedom…brought tears to my eyes.

    There’s a whimper coming out of the White House now…barely…probably just a recording…not real…for effects only.

    Empty is the soul of the democrat party…for a very long time.

  15. Terrye says:


    I remember Iraq. I hear that Maliki is acting a tad obstinate about losing. We shall see. I hope they can manage the transition. Of course Obama could care less.

  16. smill1953 says:

    “…Of course Obama could care less.”

    I think you mean that he COULDN’T care less.
    (Sorry, it’s a pet peeve of mine!)

  17. oneal lane says:


    Bravo for standing up when part of you does not want to. (re:disclosure post)

    I think that is heroic.

    Now if the other men of the country would put down the remote, turn off sports radio and their porn we might get some work done.

  18. Rick C says:

    The only problem with the parable is the cable company managed to destroy all other options. There are no other companies, period.