Mar 16 2010

Decimating Democrats This November

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I have long held the view the Democrats were heading for a crushing defeat this fall. The country is turning red with anger over the liberal putsch in DC to remake America. It is no big leap of faith to see the Dems lose the house in the off year election.

But the senate looked like a hill too high – until today. If you look at the RCP 2010 election map for the Senate you find DE is now a lost Democrat seat, with AR, IN and NV highly likely lost seats. That brings us to 4 out of the 9 needed to tip the Senate into GOP hands. If we look at tossups it is easy to assume the following would tip GOP in wave election against the Dems: PA & CO.  I would add IL into that pile.

And soon we will be adding CA into that pile as well because Boxer is now polling between 43-46% in CA, which means she is very likely to lose to any of the GOP candidates which only trail her by 3-6% (close to the MoE). If Rossi in WA challenges Dem incumbent Murray we have the makings for an extraordinary election year where the Dems went from a filibuster proof majority to losing control of the Senate in 2 short, painful years.

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  1. WWS says:

    Illinois could go Rep, what with the Democrats running the mafioso bank fraud candidate. And Wisconsin *could* be in play if Tommy Thompson decides to run.

    In California, I just hope there aren’t any more Demon Sheep ads.

  2. AJ,

    Democrats think they will lose 25 seats in the House and 4-5 seats in the Senate if they passs health care reform.

    They also think they will lose 40 in the House and 7-8 in the Senate if they don’t.

    The truth is that the low end of their losses are where they will be if they fail, because they have convinced elderly Americans that all Democrats are out to kill them via cutting medicare.

  3. Grrr….

    That should have read:

    The truth is that their high range is the low end of their possible losses, because they have convinced elderly Americans that all Democrats are out to kill them via cutting medicare.

  4. oneal lane says:

    I am not sure voting in November is going to cure this situation. The unprecidented power grab is going to demand uprecidented response from the people.

    That means some high level protests in Washington. Clogging the streets with protestors and shutting down the capitol with standing humans and voices of outcry.

    The actions of the Dems in the House and Senate, though run against the will of the people, are technically allowable and have been done before. I am not so sure of the claims of the unconstitutionality of the process.

    The bill itself is the part which should be declared unconstitutional.

  5. Aitch748 says:

    I half-suspect that voting the bums out in November won’t be enough. We citizens may have to push our way into the Capitol in January and physically escort the freaks out of the building. They’ve gotten so brazen, I half-suspect that the Congress will find some pretext to refuse to seat the people we send there.

  6. Neo says:

    Robert Samuelson writes:

    There’s a parallel here: housing. Most Americans favor homeownership, but uncritical pro-homeownership policies (lax lending standards, puny down payments, hefty housing subsidies) helped cause the financial crisis. The same thing is happening with health care. The appeal of universal insurance — who, by the way, wants to be uninsured? — justifies half-truths and dubious policies. That the process is repeating itself suggests that our political leaders don’t learn even from proximate calamities.

    Another parallel .. using “consensus.”

    You’d think after the “consensus” that said Iraq had stockpiles of WMDs was proven untrue, that politicians would be slow to warm to a “consensus” on AGW .. but they didn’t learn from that set of proximate calamities either.

  7. AJStrata says:


    Continue the logic. Who wants to give up their home and go to government housing so those in apartments can have a small house?

  8. lurker9876 says:

    Oneal and Aitch,

    I don’t think the November elections switching majority sides will be enough.

    The Republicans might be able to get back 51 votes but with too many RINOS among its 51 votes, we won’t see them do heavy legislation.

    And I doubt that the Republicans have enough guts to stand up to Obama and repeal ObamaCare.

    Jim Clyburn reported last night that the ObamaCare vote may be delayed post Easter. If that is the case, then it’s DOA.

    I can only hope that they still won’t have the votes.

    Check RedState for Dan Perrin’s post. He’s been talking to many undecided House Dems and giving them the facts that they were unaware of so hopefully, Dan would have convinced the undecided House Dems to end up in the No column…a STRONG NO column.

  9. lurker9876 says:

    Can you believe this…DrudgeReport just indicated that Obama will NOT help any democrats that voted NO against ObamaCare.


    No matter how they vote, they will be voted out anyway.

  10. AJStrata says:


    Obama does not get it, but anyone who votes ‘no’ will NOT want to look to be close to this disaster. Looks more carrot than stick.

  11. oneal lane says:


    How do you get that it will be DOA if it goes to Easter?
    Blog – heads have been spinning that prediction all along and it has not proven to be the case. Please explain.

    Remember this is a “Frankenstein creation”. DOA is not a problem, you just jolt it with some bullypullpit rhetoric, and some MSM spin and its up an walking again.

  12. ivehadit says:

    Maxine Waters has already let the cat out of the bag when she complained last year to Rahm about his “moderate” democrats gumming up the works in the Senate and House. They are going to take the moderates out in November WHETHER OR NOT they voted for the bill, imho. Book it.

    AJ, will the constituents complaints at the Easter/Passover break not give the representatives more ammo to vote no? Personally, if they can’t hear their constituents now they are deaf. dumb. or blind-ed.

  13. AJ,

    You are going to love this economic message from the Obama Administration to House and Senate Democrats.

    “Don’t worry about your health care vote and be bold…high unemployment will get you voted out in 2010 anyway.”

    At least that seems to be the way this economics piece reads to me:

    “We do not expect further declines in unemployment this year,” the officials said in testimony prepared for the House Appropriations Committee. They predicted the economy would add about 100,000 jobs a month on average — not enough to bring the jobless rate down substantially.

    Today’s projections are in line with the 10 percent average unemployment forecast for this year in last month’s budget plan. Christopher Rupkey, chief financial economist at Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. in New York, said the administration’s language risks damping expectations for a recovery.

    And, of course, this is all the Bush Administration’s fault:

    The officials put the greatest blame for the high budget deficits on “years of poor decisions” during the administration of George W. Bush, citing enactment of the Medicare prescription drug benefit and income-tax cuts without corresponding budget savings to pay for them.

    “If these two policies had been paid for, projected deficits — without any further deficit reduction — would be about 2 percent of GDP per year by the middle of the decade, and we would have been on a sustainable medium-term fiscal course,” they said.

    Come on, not even House Democrats are blaming Bush anymore.

  14. oneal lane says:

    The Obama ” unrestricted coup” will last a full two years, from Jan. 2009 to Jan 2011. By then much of the country will have undergone a “fundamental change,” as he promised!

    I fancy a more poetic name like the “730 day massacre” or “the coup of 730 days” however neither of these is striking. I would sound better if it were a good rounded number like “the coup of 700 days.”

    This two year portal of change, I am afraid is not reversable, without mass consistant voter revolt and protest over many election cycles. It is much easier to destroy than build. The energy to restore will be much more taxing.

    We do have on our side the truth. The truth will soon manifest itself in numbers. Taxes skyrocket, quality corrodes, rationing and waiting lists form……… And suprise “affirmative action in healthcare” will be mandated!!!!

    Socialism in America may have to run its course. Given the state of the economy it may be a run near collapse. But the statist will not relent, the call will be next for “global socalism” to fix the mess that national socalism created.

    These people will never go away, they are fueled by a passionate religion, a inhuman spirit, a very old spirit, as old as humanity itself.

    The Old Testament speaks of the “Tower of Babel” and man’s drive to unite as one, as one common language and drive. This attempt was somehow offensive to the God and he foiled their plans and scattered humanity with geography diverse languages.

    That particular offensive spirit nurtures the “statist left”. They strive to rebuilt the tower. If you are offended by their plans your in good company!

  15. OLDPUPPYMAX says:

    From your post to God’s ears! But remember….with the gleeful assistance of sell-outs like Juan McCain and Lindsey Grahamnesty, dems will have an additional 30-40 million voters REEEEL soon. What we call ILLEGALS today will be dem voters in November. And count on the left to practice the most breathtaking sort of fraud in the nation’s history, from handing out absentee ballots to posting Black Panthers at polling places across the country. Actual Americans might have top go to the polls ARMED this year, just to be able to get inside the building! It could really be that bad.

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  17. WWS says:

    Oh sheesh, there you go with the immigration stuff again.

    There’s not going to be any immigration bill this year. But still, Bush’s plan was a lot better than what we ended up with, which is that now we just live with the status quo and a bunch of laws that aren’t enforced because they make no sense.

    And the much vaunted border wall plan has collapsed into farce. Most of what was planned will now never be built, and what was built doesn’t work. Genius.

  18. Terrye says:


    Winning in November might not be enough to undo all the damage, but it is a step in the right direction. And as for the socalled problem with RINOs. I honestly do not think that is an issue. Name one Republican who is supporting this.

  19. Terrye says:


    Sell outs? You know who the sell outs are? The people who sat home and refused to vote because of issues like immigration. Their desire to punish people like McCain and Graham helped Obama win.

  20. Christoph says:

    For all of your other positive qualities of which there are many, you are the worst over-optimistic political analyst I have ever seen (going back years).

    Huge grain of salt warning to those who haven’t yet experienced the gut kick that comes from following AJ Strata’s election predictions come election night.