Feb 26 2010

We Don’t Want Government Rationed Health Care!

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Democrats are an arrogant and intrusive bunch, as can be seen by this interesting Rassmussen poll:

Democrats continue to be strong supporters of a public option, while Republicans and voters not affiliated with either party oppose it.

If the creation of that public option encourages companies to drop private insurance coverage for their workers as many critics contend it will, opposition among all voters jumps to 58%. Support drops to 28%.

If a company dropped its private coverage and their workers were enrolled in a government-run plan, 61% of GOP voters and a plurality (48%) of unaffiliated voters say that would be bad for the employees.

Democrats by a 46% to 29% margin say it would be good for the workers.

And that is why the Democrats are driving over the cliff. They feel it would be better to confiscate everyone’s health plans and shove them into a government rationed program. Since most people vehemently oppose this, we will see the crash up of the nanny’s (liberals) and the rugged american individuals (everyone else) in November.

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9 Responses to “We Don’t Want Government Rationed Health Care!”

  1. smill1953 says:

    I can’t decide if the Democrats are delusional or just don’t care if the great majority of Americans don’t want their crap sandwich.

  2. mbabbitt says:

    smill1953, I used to be one of them — till around 2002 — 9/11/2001 was slowly changing me to the conservative I am today — and my experience is that the Democrats have a religious, righteous fervor for this takeover: they know and feel it to their bones that this will be good for everyone of decency and that it is only resistance to change they are really fighting. The concept that opposing views could have any validitiy to them whatsoever runs counter to everything they believe. They truly do not represent or respect the average American who they see as Sarah Palins (the caricature) in education and wisdom; they represent the elite, religious promise and intellectual superiority of their beloved Progressivism.

  3. oneal lane says:


    Your description of the leftist mindset regarding the healthcare issue is so eloquent. I have never read it better said.


  4. BarbaraS says:

    The dims expect the TARP money they holding on to at the present time to save them. Watch how this money is released to the candidates in trouble until November. Just a vote buying scheme as usual. They are already releasing some it in Nevada and Florida. I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave some to Charlie Crist with the agreement that he will switch parties if he wins.

  5. BarbaraS,

    It isn’t about TARP money.

    It is about elections, primary elections.

    The Democrats are keeping health care reform on the table because they are all running in their next, and for 2/3 of them, their only election — the Democratic Party Primaries.

    Federal Represenatives face a general election only five months of every two years and Federal Senators the same five months every six years.

    The rest of the time they are facing they next partisan primary.

    Until they survive the Partisan primaries, the General election does not exist for them.

  6. Redteam says:

    Trent, as Barbara was talking about it, she’s right. The Dims have a huge slush fund (TARP) to dole out to buy votes, for all Dims. They’ll hand it out where it’ll buy the most votes for Dims. The Repubs will get no benefit, in fact, just the opposite from TARP.
    Some Dims will run from health care, until they are secure in the election, then if they get the opportunity, they’ll vote for it.

    You’re right about the Dims being afraid of losing their next primary.

  7. Terrye says:


    TARP is not what you think it is. That is not to say that the Democrats won’t try to buy some votes, but TARP is not the same thing as the stimulus plan.

    I just think that the Democrats think people will like this plan once it is passed, if they can just find a way to shove it through.

    They look at individual elements of the bill and tell themselves people want this stuff. Well people do want some reform, they just don’t trust these people to do it.

  8. AJStrata says:

    Terrye is right, funds from TARP can only be used to bailout the banks or pay off debt. They cannot be used for anything else.

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