Feb 25 2010

Dems: We Can Put Sugar On That Poison Pill!

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Boy, you can tell these people in DC have no idea what they are doing. I caught a few minutes of the Summit and what I have seen is not impressive.  The Democrat approach is basically to throw some GOP sweeteners in the liberal destruction of our health care system and pretend this should be acceptable.

It is ridiculous.  I mean really ridiculous. Everyone knows the Democrats are looking for their Holy Grail of government controlled health care (they let that slip all the time when they moan about a century of work), and putting tort reform or government insurance pools in the mix as if this will hide their true intentions and resulting damage is not fooling anyone. The problem is not gaining GOP fig leafs, they don’t NEED GOP votes. They need to start over or stop all together – which is what 73% of the people of this nation want.

It is like saying to someone we can put some sugar on that poison and you won’t feel so bad – as your health care is taken away from you and control is handed to faceless bureaucrats.

As Obama said in his final statements – let’s take it to the voters in November. He should have taken the agreed common ground and tried to be brave (instead of being paranoid about political tricks). The only good thing was watching Democrats with more political experience hold the heads in their hands as Obama blundered through this mess.

I think the stake has finally been driven through the heart of this nightmare. Bring on the army of Scott Browns!

Update: This is what the liberal Democrats and President Obama have achieved.

In the latest CBS News/New York Times Poll, the president receives a 66 percent approval rating on health care from members of his own party, but 83 percent of Republicans disapprove of the job he is doing. Independents were initially divided on Mr. Obama’s handling of health care, but 60 percent now disapprove.

Instead of looking forward to Hope & Change Americans now fear what next idiotic idea for ripping apart our lives they can think up. The liberal Holy Grail of government run health care is dead again (as it has been for almost 100 years). Whether the Democrat Party goes with it is the real question now.

As Obama said – bring on November.

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2 Responses to “Dems: We Can Put Sugar On That Poison Pill!”

  1. tarpon says:

    So if the Democrats do this reconciliation on government rationed health care, then they do it on crap and tax, and then they do it on card check, then they do it everywhere …

    I say we don’t allow it to be done.

    Democracies fail … Look at Venezuela.

    Oops, sorry, that’s what Obama wants Venezuela.

  2. Wilbur Post says:

    “As Obama said in his final statements – let’s take it to the voters in November. ”

    My sentiments exactly.