Jan 31 2006

Washington Post Notices Left’s Civil War

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I guess having to shutdown one of their blogs last week finally woke up the Washington Post to the fact the far left liberal base is on the war path – against the democrats.

Right on cue, liberal activists including Cindy Sheehan and Ramsey Clark gathered yesterday at the Busboys & Poets restaurant and bookshop at 14th and V streets NW for what they billed as a forum on “The Impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.” But the participants, while charging the administration with “crimes against humanity,” a “war of aggression” and even “the supreme international crime,” inevitably turned their wrath on congressional Democrats, whom they regarded as a bunch of wimps.

“Does the Democratic Party want to continue to exist or does it want to ignore what 85 percent of its supporters want?” demanded David Swanson, a labor union official who runs “Impeach PAC” and other efforts to remove Bush from office. Singling out Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid (Nev.) for derision, Swanson said that Democrats who do the right thing “are exceptions.”

As I pointed out in this post, the Alito loss means the armies of the left are tired of losing and want far left representatives who will toe their line no matter what.

Hard core liberals make up 20% of the population. With Democrats making up 33% of the population that does make the liberal core the majority of the Democrat base. But that liberal 2/3rds of Democrats does not want the remaining 1/3rd around anymore, especially because that 1/3rd bridges the divide with the remaining part of the country.

The liberal 20% of this country wants to stand alone and fight the other 80%. Case in point

Sheehan, just back from Caracas, where she praised Venezuela’s anti-American president, Hugo Chavez, and called Bush a “terrorist,” said she expects Democrats will “seriously screw up” the midterm elections in November. Besides, “we can’t wait” for the election, said Sheehan, who is mulling a primary challenge to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.).

I happen to find Feinstein a reasonable Democrat. When compared to Sheehan I find Feinstein to be the one who has both feet in reality. Where I can deal with Feinstein and could see voting for her under certain conditions, I cannot fathom following Cindy Sheehan. Most will not. 20% will and they want total control of the democrat party.

Let the battle begin.


Meant to post this part, which I think should be a major policy initiative for the Democrats during a time of war:

Clark, on a stage decorated with portraits of Gandhi, the Dalai Lama and Martin Luther King Jr., said the administration is “the greatest threat to peace, to human rights, to economic justice worldwide.” The former attorney general proposed a 75 percent cut in the military budget and complained that Democrats are just as warmongering as Republicans.

Cut the military by 75%! That’s one way to deal with Al Qaeda.


Tom Maguire minces no words

I reject these false choices! How about:

(3) The Democrats shocked Washington today by dropping a mighty turd in their own punchbowl, demonstrating that they are a bunch of losers, as are all of their supporters.

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3 Responses to “Washington Post Notices Left’s Civil War”

  1. BurbankErnie says:

    I live in CA and would LOVE to see Sheehan throw her hat in the ring. This may be the only way a Republican could get DiFi’s seat.
    Feinstein is still a Dem, and I would never advocate voting for her…. you should adjust your last paragraph. Reasonable Dem? Feh.

    She supported the Iraq War, but only in the beginning. She squirmed on the filibuster from pressure of the Lunatics controlling the Party. Not very reasonable.

  2. trentk269 says:

    BurbankErnie is right. Diane Finkelstein is reasonable only as long as the camera’s are rolling. She regularly sponsors legislation which outspends even the ultra-leftist Boxer, and her husband has gotten so wealthy dealing with the Chicoms that I seriously doubt that either of them knows which side they are on anymore.

    But your point is well taken, A.J. I will personally donate money to Mother Sheehan if it will result in a bloody primary battle for DiFi.

  3. wickedpinto says:

    What I thought of the war doesn’t matter. The fact is that the war is.

    Once an effort is engaged, you only have two choices, success, or failure. The dem’s are so willing to assuage the horrendous left, that they don’t care about either, they only want power. And if FAILURE is an option of power, then. . . they no longer deserve a party.