Jan 31 2006

Iran To Face UN

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Iran is to face the UN, but to what end?

The five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council — the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China — along with Germany, agreed Monday night to report Iran to the Security Council over its nuclear program.

The UN has not shown much backbone to date. The EU has too many major players more concerned about an unchecked US than a nuclear armed Jihadist state. And China and Russia have their own interests which, unfortunately, do not conflict with a nuclear Iran.

And lest we forget how well the UN, certain EU countries and Russia did with Saddam’s Oil For Food program – it was a bribe for arms deal. In fact Russia and China have already begun to de-fang the UN

The decision, reached in London through a compromise with Russia and China, was a victory for the United States and its European allies, who had pressed for the matter to be sent to the council. But Russia and China were able to soften the agreement by stipulating that the Security Council not take up the matter until March. That gives Iran more time to comply with U.N. nuclear inspectors and avoid the threat of sanctions.

Do we need to remind everyone that inspection regimes only work with countries who are faithfully and energetically supporting the inspections? We saw it with Iraq and Libya – two opposite examples. And if someone had to define which end of the spectrum Iran was on we would all conclude it is closer to the Saddam model of defiance. This wasted effort to give Iran one more last chance ad infinitum simply allows our window of opportunity for action to close.

I mean, does this sound like a country which is willing to demonstrate its peaceful intentions?

Iran said Tuesday that diplomatic efforts to resolve its standoff would be over if its case was sent to the Council, Reuters reported. It said any such move had no grounds in law and that it would resist demands that it halt sensitive atomic research and development.

I see no reason to believe the delay to March is going to do anything but give Iran time to generate more excuses and alibis and delaying tactics. If they wanted to they could do what is necessary in one day! They have been told what is required for over a year now. And yet those closest to the nuclear tipped missiles fiddle

The agreement to report, rather than “refer,” is less than Washington wanted and gives Iran another chance to negotiate a way out of the crisis. Had the matter been “referred,” it would have become the immediate domain of the Security Council.

This kind of immediate crisis is where the UN is non functional. The UN is a joke. All they needed to do was stand on their own principles and agree Iran is in violation of the world covenants on nuclear power (verses weapons). But they cannot even do that right.

And the reporting on this is abysmal. The Washington Post again blames Bush for the illegal and provocative actions of a sponsor of terrorism.

For President Bush, Monday’s agreement means a chance to boast of a measure of success on his Iran strategy in Tuesday’s State of the Union address. Four years ago, in his annual speech to the nation, Bush referred to Iran as a member of the “axis of evil” but has since come under harsh criticism for a failure to deal with the Iranian nuclear program. For more than two years Bush has sought to move the issue to the council, where Iran could face economic sanctions or an oil embargo.

Bush has no control over Iran, just like Clinton had no control over North Korea. They both defied agreements and went ahead with nuclear research. But the liberal media like to pretend Bush does – they blame him for both! I guess they fail to recognize that both countries pre-date Bush’s first term.

I doubt Bush will pull a Clinton and claim victory tonight. Obviously the Washington Post has not figured out who George Bush is after 5 years in office. They keep playing to the caricature of Bush prominent in liberal circles. What Bush will do is warn the world to stop dorking around and get serious. The only question I have is will he go on to say we will deal with Iran if we must. There is little use in stating the obvious and it would probably ruffle the feathers of our allies. But then again – he just may.

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