Jan 30 2006

Liberal Base Beside Itself

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Failure is hard to face. And right now with the Alito confirmation all but over with the vote tomorrow, the liberal base is faced with the harsh reality.

It was all for nothing.

For example, Meteor Blades says ‘Never Surrendor’ – but why continue if you are never going to win?

Even though we knew it was a dicey proposition from the get-go, many of us are righteously furious about the cloture vote, especially furious that so many of the Democrats who crossed the line couldn’t even fall back on the rationalization that their “aye” was essential in order to survive politically in a swing or red state.

I’m not naming names. The list is up for all to see. And each one on that list has just made my life more difficult. Because every time I walk a precinct or call somebody for a financial contribution this election year, I’m going to run into a lot more “Screw the Democrats. They don’t stand up for me.” And my only reply will have to be a sheepish, we have to elect more Democrats so those unwilling to stand up for you don’t weigh as heavily on the party.

Meteor, you have no idea how bad it is. The DNC is also out of money. Kos chimes in sifting the ashes for something positive

We lost the cloture vote, but that was — despite some of your best wishes — a pre-ordained conclusion. But that doesn’t mean we lost on the bigger picture.

What you guys accomplished the last week was amazing — the outpouring of emails, letters, faxes, and phone calls was unprecedented for the netroots and particularly surprising given how weak our issue groups organized against Alito. We should’ve played a supporting role to strong efforts by NARAL, People for the American Way, and others. Instead, we ended up being pretty much the entire effort.

Markos, let me tell you something about human nature. No one wastes precious time with lost causes and people who cannot get results. Enjoy your time at the pinnacle of the liberal netfest. You will have a place in history as someone who was able to harness a new technology, and yet fail to turn that into something lasting.

The readers aren’t buying this because they are walking away tired and empty handed -again.

I can’t believe that only 25 Democrats voted for the filibuster. Whats going on?

A bunch of liars the lot of them.

I am shocked and horrified that the Senate Democrats failed to filibuster the nomination of Samuel Alito to the US Supreme Court despite the fact that there are more than enough Democrats in the Senate to accomplish the task.

They should be ashamed of themselves. Every Senator who voted against the Alito filibuster violated his or her oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. There is no excuse for this dishonorable and unpatriotic behavior.

It also represents a failure of the Democratic Party as institution. The Democratic Party constantly pays lip-service to its core constituencies while caving to the Religious Right and corporate donors. Symbolic votes by some Democrats against Alito are not enough. The party as an institution has an inescapable patriotic duty to do everything in its power to block dishonest and dangerous extremists like Alito from the US Supreme Court.

How many times will the Democratic Party betray me as a gay man, an atheist, a liberal, and an American? How many times will so many Democrats kick me in the teeth and then expect me to say “thank you” and write them checks? Do you really think I want a penny of my money to go to supporting people like Robert Byrd who embraced many of the KKK’s core values (e.g. racism, sexism, homophobia, and Christian supremacy) by voting to confirm Alito?

Instead, I will give money to Green Party candidates who are running against Senators who did not vote for the Alito filibuster.

Please take me off of your mailing list.

They don’t care if you are gay or atheist – or straight or christian for that matter.

All they really care about is how much money you send them or how much influence you have.

Get more Democrats elected? To what end? If we get more like the 19 who voted for cloture, what has been accomplished?

TODAY WAS THE REAL VOTE ON ALITO. Everyone knows tomorrows vote is just symbolic. There’s only one vote where there is a chance to stop him from being on the court, AND THIS WAS IT.

Every Democrat who votes NO tomorrow after voting YES today on cloture is a lying deceiving fraud. They are going to cast a symbolic vote NO after having voted to put Alito on the court in the one vote that counts.

Then they’ll later undoubtable try to claim they opposed Alito. When they do so, they need to be greeted with shouts of “LIAR” and “FRAUD!”

Never promise to deliver something, many times in a row, and end up failing. Because people will just dump you. Look for the Democrat civil war to heat up. There is no place for the far left to put their energies anymore, except in taking over the Democrat party.

Look, I am a long time Democrat, but I’ve got to say, I’m freaking furious over this. 17 of our own abandoning us? We only end up with Twenty freakin’ Five no votes on cloture? And here’s the deal, these people supposedly got elected for what they believe in, yet they’re holding back their votes for what they believe in because they’re afraid of not getting re-elected? Isn’t that antithetical to what they were put there to do in the first place? I got to say, the “I’m done” thing has ran through my head so many times it’s not even funny. Here’s the conclusion I’ve come to: THEY’RE DONE!!! All the Liebermann, Biden, etc., not there when we need them HAVE SIMPLY GOT TO GO. EVERY ONE OF THESE FOOLS MUST BE CHALLENGED IN A PRIMARY NEXT TIME AROUND!!! I’m not leaving the Democratic Party, simply because they (the fair weather Dems in the Senate) did.

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  1. BurbankErnie says:

    Did you happen to catch the Drunken Murderer almost explode on the Senate Floor? I have a question:
    If Senator Kennedy’s (Drunk-Murderer) head exploded today while lying on the Senate Floor, what would be all over the Senate Walls?

    1. Bourbon
    2. Scotch
    3. Rye

    Now if we can get Mama Sheehan to run for DiFi’s Senate Seat, we will be set. Dean, Reid, Kerry, Boxer, Drunken Murderer, Biden.. what a bunch of LOSERS!

    My side is splitting….

    But I will not gloat.

  2. Mark_for_Senate says:

    I really almost pity these Kos kids. To live and never grow infected with this misguided ill-informed twisted fantasy bizzaro world view. To never really know or understand true statesmanship or civic duty. To have so much passion wasted on a pathological hatred based only on innuendo and accusations repeated so many times they seem real even though not one of them ring true after examination of all facts. It really is sad, to not even imagine that maybe Alito is a great guy and superb judge with a sound legal and constitutional mind set. To not even consider that perhaps your conclusions are wrong, that you are not even close to mainstream America, to never learn or grow. It truly is a sad.

  3. Larwyn says:

    This is from the comments section over at JustOneMinute.

    A left-wing website has published an open letter to a married Senator promising to out him as a homosexual at some “inopportune” time because he voted for cloture today on the Alito nomination. There’s no indication whether the senator is a Republican or a Democrat. But the real threat that’s posed here is to Democrats, because with a base this out of control, every Democrat that doesn’t toe the moonbat line has a reason to be afraid.
    Posted at 10:30 PM”
    link to the smear site.

    Mark January 30th 2006 on your calandar – a day of clarity.

    Just as the Palestinians showed the world who they are and
    today we see exactly “the democratic wing of the Democratic

    James Carville was just on Tucker’s show and he could not
    answer who the leader of the Dems was. Mumbled something
    about “we’ll decide” blah blah 2006 elections.

    I’m sure it is only a rumor that Gen. Clark, Richard Clarke and the
    Vips are trying to do a deal with Zawahiri to make a tape
    saying he hates Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

  4. retire05 says:

    The Democrats (at least the far left branch) continue to eat their own. Perhaps it should be called the Guppy Party that way they could claim that eating your own is just a natural biological urge.

  5. trentk269 says:

    Sweeeeeeet. And we’re not even close to November!

    May the gay, athiest, liberal moonbats be loud and visible in the election season.

  6. […] As I pointed out in this post, the Alito loss means the armies of the left are tired of losing and want far left representatives who will toe their line no matter what. […]

  7. MerryJ1 says:

    I don’t know. I think it’s sort of mean to make fun of psychotics. After all, they have feelings too, even if their feelings are delusional.

    As a “compassionate conservative,” I think we have a moral obligation … aw, who’m I kiddin’? Those nuts have gone so far around the bend it isn’t even fun anymore to point out which elements of the left would be tossed first into the wood-chippers if they ever did manage to put one of their own in charge.

  8. […] He forced the leaders to either be with their base or not. He imposed reality onto the process. He showed the far left how few true-blue liberals exist in the Senate. He forced the Democrat civil war to a head. It had to happen – now he can be the leader that brought the partisan base finally out into the open where they wanted to be in the first place. […]