Jan 30 2006

Cloture Vote!

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Just sat down for a snack when I noticed the vote was on. Some of the interesting votes I caught are below. We know the Reps will vote for closure so the dems will be interesting.

Clinton – no (pro filibuster)
Mikulski – yes
Murray – no
Cantwell – yes
Leiberman – yes
Reid – yes, then no (s0unds like a Kerry style vote – voting ‘for’ before voting ‘against’!)

More coming….now continuing

Must have missed most of the votes since they are not calling the vote much. If cloture passes the final vote will be tomorrow at 11 AM – giving Bush a huge victory for his SOTU tomorrow night….

Akaka – yes

Since Conrad, Byrd, and Dorgan stated they would support cloture it is clear the filibuster failed! Now it is only a queastion of by how much…

FOX News is reporting 15 democrats voted for cloture making it possibly 70-30, but I am waiting for the final tally to be announced…

Final numbers 72-25!

What a blow out!

The Democrat filibuster attempt was a sad one, and must be just salt in the wounds for the liberal base. 25 votes….

As I said, the Democrats promise a lot and deliver basically nothing.


Michelle Malking live blogged Kennedy’s meltdown

I am watching Sen. Ted Kennedy on C-SPAN unraveling before my eyes. He is screaming. The face is fire-engine red. The fists are waving furiously.

Michelle has a stronger stomach than I do! BTW, Congratulations to Samuel Alito, the next Justice for the US Supreme Court!

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  1. trentk269 says:

    NSA hearings will go the same way.

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