Feb 02 2010

It All Depends On Who Does The “Spending”

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Liberals and the Obama administration have completely exposed their inner lunatic liberal this week with their risky budget. After a year of failed ‘government spending’ in a doomed-to-failure attempt to stimulate the economy, the liberals are back for more of the same this year. James Clyburn (liberal Democrat in House Leadership) said it best:

Yeah, WE have to spend ourselves out of this recession, as in we need to grow the economy. The questions is who is best at spending and investing – We The People or the 450 odd dysfunctional buffoons in DC?

Look, there is only so much money to ‘spend’ and there are only two ways to ‘spend’ it. One way is for the incompetents in DC to take our money and cram it into the bloated and slow federal bureaucracy where it may be spent months or years later to a select, specially connected few. This was the basis of the failed stimulus bill of last year. 95% of that bill’s shovel ready jobs money is STILL stuck in the constipated federal government processes, nearly a year later.

The other way is to cut taxes (and spending by the government) and allow each individual to invest in their education, their family needs, their health care, their business needs, their new cars, their home improvements themselves with their hard earned money.  Tax cuts are immediate, no delay. This assumes we can trust ourselves to do what is right!

The liberal option, which is to take our money and fritter it away on social experiments that have been proven failures over and over again, is the path to disaster. It is the audacity of arrogance. It is based on the hopelessness of the hapless American people, who need liberal know-it-alls to tell them what to do with the money they earned. It is the insanity of forgiving college loans when people make a contract to pay US back for the money WE let them borrow.

I am glad to see the true, corrupt and arrogant liberalism that has been hiding behind misleading and untruthful sound bites finally come into the open. It will make the house cleaning in November all that the easier.

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6 Responses to “It All Depends On Who Does The “Spending””

  1. Wilbur Post says:

    Is this the worst Congress ever or what? I have never seen a bigger bunch of stupid clueless corrupt imbeciles in all my life. The only thing worse is the dingbat in the White House accompanied by his sleazy band of crackpot idealogues, political yes-men and assorted leftist deadwood. There’s never been a bigger bunch of losers in power, not even when Jimmy Peanut held the office.

  2. oneal lane says:

    I hope this budget fails to pass without major changes. Doubtless the more exposure it gets, the greated the voter anger, and like Obamacare, fuel Republican victories in the fall. I heard today on Rush’s show that the tax breaks for charitable contributions would be eliminated 2011 under this budget.

    Can we hold back this foolishness for the next 10 months???

  3. WWS says:

    Oh, you gotta read this one through. It illustrates everything you’ve written in this post perfectly.

    How much of the “stimulus” is just pure old fashioned swindle? I suspect it’s even worse than we think.


  4. Neo says:

    Let’s hope Obama does better with the Russians, Chinese, French, British (ooh), Israelis (ooh), Indians, Pakistanis, and Iranians (ooh) …

    The administration on Monday asked Congress for more than $7 billion for activities related to nuclear weapons in the budget of the National Nuclear Security Administration, an increase of $624 million from the 2010 fiscal year. NNSA Administrator Thomas D’Agostino defended putting more money into the programs, saying the U.S. needs the best nuclear weapons facilities, scientists, technicians and engineers as it moves toward eventual disarmament. “This budget is implementing the president’s nuclear vision,” he said.

    I wonder if he’ll remember to make a deal with all of them before proceeding to disarmament.

  5. BarbaraS says:

    I don’t trust this Marxist. Does anyone know if any item budgeted has to have the money spent on that item only or can Obama spend it as he pleases? I have heard that Obama is recruiting high school students for his private army. I am leary about giving him any more maoney than is necessary. He has nine months until the November elections and he needs to get this army in place at the polls at that time. I can’t brush this news off because I saw a video of some of these kids training before the 2008 elections in the school gym. I can only go on the assumption that the teachers are complicit with this.