Jan 31 2010

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME)

Pass this one on – it is outstanding. And it is evidence of why we needs pragmatic centrists on the side of national security, whether they agree on social issues/experiments or not.

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  1. Chuck says:

    Sen. Collins failed to mention an even bigger scandal, that being the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group, or HIG. This is the group that was set up by President Obama to handle high-value detainees. As it turns out, as Admiral Blair has admitted, the HIG does not yet exist. On [b] Jan. 22, 2009 [/b] the framework for handling detainees was established by executive order. In general the Army Field Manual is the guide but for high-value detainees the HIG has the following purpose – It will coordinate, in advance, teams of experienced interrogators, analysts, subject matter experts and linguists to be deployed when the US has an opportunity to interrogate high value detainees. [b]The goal of these interrogations will be prevention of future attacks[/b].

    Did the investigators fail to connect the dots and not realize that Abdulmutallab was high value? He claimed that others were following in his footsteps which sounds like “future attack” to me. Oh yeah, I forget, these weren’t HIG personnel doing the interrogation because it doesn’t exist yet. And even if it had existed it hadn’t been thought of as use in the U. S. since it was envisioned as useful for detainees “abroad”.

    Even after a year they hadn’t even considered that America might be attacked in America. And these are the people whom America is depending upon for security against terrorism? This is the real scandal, not the notion of a civilian trial.

  2. Redteam says:

    I guess I don’t see what being a ‘pragmatic centrist’ has to do with it. I’d think if she were a liberal socialist or a ‘far right’ conservative with the same view that we would consider it to be the correct point of view.

    Anybody that votes against the progressive socialists that are attempting to wreck America has my support.