Jan 30 2006

Alito’s Day

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I am going to keep this short, mainly because there is not a lot to say. The Democrats have been performing their usual trick of misleading bravado since the Gang of 14 agreement last spring. That agreement caused a lot of handwringing on the right – with the exception of the Coalition of the Chillin’ of which I am proud member.

That vacuous bravado led a lot of people to believe the Democrats would stop Bush’s preferred choices from getting to the Federal Courts – especially the US Supreme Court. It turned out to be all bluster. And it has rightfully angered the liberal base. Too bad the base never understood Democrats have been faking it since Jimmy Carter. I left the Democrat party during Reagan’s first term because the Democrats are congenital BS’ers who never do what they say. They simply enjoy the trappings of power and all they do is take steps to keep or get power.

Name one pivotal piece of policy from Democrats on par with Reagan’s facing down the Soviet Union to the point where the iron curtain fell? Or tax cuts and welfare reform? Or accountability in education? There is nothing. All the Democrats do is make loud promises they have no intention of keeping.

So here we sit in the verge of Judge Samuel Alito becoming a justice of the Supreme Court, and it is clear to everyone the Senate Democrats are literally full of hot air and nothing more. All their statements and promises and threats came to nothing. They have been exposed and their base is dejected with what they see.

Maybe now they understand why so many people have left that dying party. And why we are not evil or out to undermine the country or attack their way of life. All that was Democrat BS as well.

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