Jan 28 2010

Our President’s Unforgivable Omission

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Who were these people sitting with the first lady at the State of the Union speech?

They were the heroes of the Ft Hood Massacre – who did not receive the call out from the President they deserved. That was a horrible omission by a young and inexperienced President more interested in his legacy than anything else. It was unforgivable.

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  1. […] speech so I’m not commenting on details, but what really bugs me is the president elected not to recognize the heroes of the Fort Hood terrorist attack who were sitting with the first lady during the speech. If you’re going to invite them, and […]

  2. Woofguy says:

    It was typical of the guy.

    All talk, no action.

    Big shot.

  3. kathie says:

    Maybe there is only one person in the hall that deserves an ovation, and that person is Obama.

  4. OLDPUPPYMAX says:

    Yeah but after all, that little gal cop interfered with the religious liberty of the terrorist! How “Un-American!” Besides, if Hussein had mentioned her, everyones eyes would have left HIM!! And we can’t have THAT!

  5. JohKen says:

    Of course if he DID mention them you would have jumped all over him for not focusing his attention on more pressing matters. You right-wingers must be so used to swimming around in circles at the bottom of the barrel that you don’t even realize it when your head gets lodged up your own arse. Run for office if you don’t agree with the man. Stop boring us with your trite washed out opinions. jeeze marie…

  6. dhunter says:

    When Has Barrack Pinnochio Hussein Obama sided with Americans or freedom lovers (Iran) against radical Islamisists?

    He is offering free college tuition for community service now and free healthcare, just because, hamstringing our military recruitment.

    Isn’t a community agitator just as deserving of benefits as someone who puts their life on the line to defend us?

    He is tearing this country assunder so completely that it is hard to chalk it up to ineptitude or stupidity!

  7. ivehadit says:

    Imho, there is no way to avoid this conclusion: This president has a thinly disguised contempt for America.

  8. Woofguy says:


    No, your wrong, I wouldn’t jump all over him for more pressing matters. Just the ones like his famous ‘transparency’ and posting the bill on the web before he signs anything – campaign fib.

    Just continued double talk from the man.

    Besides all that, he’s just crass and unfitting to hold the position. I was surprised he didn’t give that little middle finger face scratch thingy to the Supreme Court. Classy, I say.

  9. Toes192 says:

    Mrs. Obama had 23 [I counted 27 in another article but the number doesn’t matter… a bunch] invited guests in her box at the speech…
    It would be impractical for the President to acknowledge all… however… as I watch him in Tampa this am… he DID acknowledgment a lot of people…
    Sgt. Munley and Sgt. Todd were highly visible in their uniforms…
    WD+ to Sgt’s… I am confident that all others in your unit would have acted as you did… However… I think we have to send you both to the firing range for marksmanship training as you did not kill that a**hole at Ft. Hood…

  10. Redteam says:


    Stop boring us with your trite washed out opinions.

    you can always troll over to Huffpo or Kos, I’m sure you wouldn’t be bored with their lies.

  11. Flint says:

    Did a frisson run down the back of your leg, JohKen? Did your heart quicken?

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  13. lurker9876 says:

    Since Michelle’s dress was mentioned, anyone notice her hair???? How perfect her hair was in place? How shiny her hair is?

    So I had to wonder…is that a wig????

    Finally, I see the good news about the GDP growth but I’ve learned to be skeptical of these reports as AP has the tendency to jump to great news too quickly if the Democrat is in the Oval Office versus belatedly when a Republican is in the Oval Office.

    So…crosspatch…what gives? Do you agree?

  14. lurker9876 says:

    In the meantime…the Dems vote to raise the debt limit and hope they don’t have to vote again.

    And…how come Paul Kirk is still voting? Isn’t that unconstitutional? Doesn’t that still give the Senate an opportunity to pass its health care bill if voted by Pelosi’s house?

    When will Scott Brown be sworn in?

    People should object to Paul Kirk’s votes.

    I see that Obama has ordered that the KSM trial be moved out of NYC. Since the military charges against him have been dropped, he can no longer be tried in the military tribunals. So he has to be tried in a criminal court elsewhere. Don’t try any of them in my state.

    Maybe, the only alternative would be San Franscisco?

  15. KauaiBoy says:

    The scariest part is watching the two nitwits sitting behind bobo—I guess that is his real protection. I was particularly disgusted with his Chavez moment in admonishing the Supreme Court—a very punk like move and non-presidential.

  16. Redteam says:

    And…how come Paul Kirk is still voting? Isn’t that unconstitutional?

    why certainly but since when did violating laws bother Dimocrats?

    If it were something important, he would not be allowed to vote.

    Kirk’s appointment only ran til a new senator was elected in Mass. That was Jan 19. Brown’s pay started Jan 20. Kirk’s ended Jan 19.

    They’re just playing a game, it’s only the constitution they’re playing around with, nothing important……

  17. Redteam says:

    The scariest part is watching the two nitwits sitting behind bobo

    Jay Leno featured the ‘eye blink contest’ between those two nitwits. Biden won.