Jan 12 2010

Throw The Political Industrial Class Out Of Power In 2010!

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Why are there so many independents (like myself)? Why is ‘independent’ the largest growing political movement in the nation?

Because Americans are so fed up with the partisan BS that they are not only questioning the motives and capabilities of government in general, they are abandoning the entrenched parties and their army of talking heads, special interests, political consultants and media allies.

The reason the Tea Party movement is so popular and white hot with intent is because we have had it with ‘holier than thou’, ‘slimier than all’ power trippers in DC who have driven this country into the ditch. This sentiment was perfectly summed up last night by Scott Brown in a the MA special election debate for the open senate seat previously held by Ted Kennedy:

Yeah – remember us? We The People?

If you don’t, you will soon enough. Americans are starting to feel like George Bush on the rubble of the Twin Towers after 9-11, except now we are standing upon the rubble of the ruined economy of America. As Bush so famously said (and paraphrasing a bit) – “you folks in DC will all be hearing from us soon”.

H/T Neo Neocon and Memeorandum

Update: This is a clear indication of the bankrupt nature of the two established parties:

Frantic over the possibility that a Democrat might lose the race to replace Sen. Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts, the Democratic National Committee has sent its top spinner, Hari Sevugan, to the aid of Democratic candidate Martha Coakley, who appears to be rapidly losing ground to Republican Scott Brown. But what can Sevugan do to shore up Coakley’s struggling campaign? Well, he spent his first day on the job trying to tie Brown to Sarah Palin.

What a waste of time and effort. No substance, just attempted smearing.

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  1. Make that:

    >Obama’s policies have taken a recession and made it an 18(+)
    >month and growing _DEPRESSION_ that has lost more jobs
    >than we created in the last 25 years.

  2. WWS says:

    Thanks for the kind words, AJ! I appreciate that.

    I would like to see Palin endorse Coakley and then give her trademark wink, just to watch Sevugen’s head explode.

    “The People’s Seat” – brilliant!

    Meanwhile Coakley thinks there are no more terrorists left in Afghanistan. What an idiot.

  3. BarbaraS says:

    I read on the internet on one of the right sites that India has bought 200 tons of our gold and are negoitiating to buy 200 more tons. Who has the authority to sell the back-up for our paper money? If this is true, then our dollar will sink faster than the Titanic. Does the president have the right to do such a thing? Does congress? Where is the bill authorizing this move? Where are the republicans blocking this move? I hope this is not true but if it is, is this an impeachable offense finally?

  4. BarbaraS says:

    Of course, this could just be another internet rumor. I wonder if some of the commenter could look into this. I don’t have the wherewithall to do so.

  5. WWS says:

    India definitely bought 200 tons of gold recently, and is probably planning to buy another 200 tons, but it isn’t “our” gold. World gold production is about 2500 tons per year and that new production is almost certainly India’s source.

    this article: http://tinyurl.com/yctq52r

    says that current US gold reserves are 8133 tons. Sounds like
    a lot, about $300 billion worth, but that would actually only cover 3 months of last years deficit.

    Sounds good on paper, in reality it ain’t squat.

    What’s important about this story is that India (and also China) are both aware that paper currencies are precarious today and they need to quickly increase their gold reserves. No one in our government seems to have figured that out yet.

  6. Fai Mao says:

    BarbaraS the US currency has no gold or silver backing. It hasn’t since 1972 when Richard Nixion made the dollar a convertable currency.

  7. crosspatch says:

    When a country buys gold, they are generally dumping dollars. India has a lot of dollars. They run about a 5 billion dollar/year trade surplus with the US, down from about 10 billion a couple of years ago. What to do with those dollars? They could buy US debt. But if US debt is not seen as a good investment, then someplace else must be found to “park” it. If the dollar is falling in value, you don’t want to hold dollars because you will lose money. So if you don’t want to buy US debt and you don’t want to buy another currency, you buy gold to “park” your money in a place where it will hold its value.

    If the dollar continues falling then the value of your gold goes up when valued in dollars.

    Sounds to me like they are just flush with dollars, don’t want to buy US debt, and have decided to park the money for a while and reduce their exposure to any potential fluctuations in the dollar.

  8. crosspatch says:

    Heh, Wall Street Journal:

    As first reported by Timothy Carney of the Washington Examiner, the host committee for the fundraiser at Pennsylvania Avenue’s Sonoma Restaurant includes lobbyists for Pfizer, Merck, Eli Lilly, Novartis and sundry other drug companies that have been among the biggest of ObamaCare’s corporate sponsors. Other hosts—who have raised at least $10,000 for Ms. Coakley—include representatives from UnitedHealthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana and other insurers. As far as we can tell, the insurance industry claims to oppose ObamaCare’s current incarnation.

    Naturally, lobbyists from America’s Health Insurance Plans and Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, the major trade groups, were on hand too. Money follows power in Washington, obviously, though this example seems especially inexplicable given that Ms. Coakley’s GOP opponent, state senator Scott Brown, may be the last chance to defuse the health-care doomsday machine. But maybe someone in the press corps will bother to mention this episode the next time President Obama takes aim at the “special interests” he claims are opposing his agenda.

  9. AJStrata says:

    WWS, Your welcome. I am a brutal debater I know, but I never hold grudges or take disagreements beyond the topic at hand. I am well aware of my rough side.