Dec 30 2009

Our National Security Is Now Beyond “Hope”

It finally happened – as so many of us predicted it would. The Flight 253 bomber has lawyered up and gone silent after only alluding to future attacks against America are on the way:

The Washington Post reports that the would-be Christmas bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, remains in a Detroit prision where, after initial debriefings by the FBI, he has “restricted his cooperation.” The “restriction” occurred after he obtain a defense attorney.

An earlier version of the Post’s story included this statement: “Authorities are holding out hope that [Abdulmutallab] will change his mind and cooperate with the probe, the officials said.”

Hope? Why would the failed bomber cooperate and foil attacks just like his own attempt? President Obama and the Democrats now own this war on terror – which they surrendered when Obama took office. al Qaeda had no intention of calling a cease fire – clearly.

The next attack, which may be successful, will be on the Democrats’ shoulders. It will be their responsibility, because they played naive liberal games instead of taking their oaths of office seriously.

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8 Responses to “Our National Security Is Now Beyond “Hope””

  1. lurker9876 says:

    It is reported this morning that Obama Administration is rejecting all calls to halt or delay the closing of GITMO because they believe that GITMO is the reason for these terrorist attacks.

    Good grief!

  2. kathie says:

    A senior Obama administration official pushed back against critics of the White House’s plans to transfer some detainees at Guantanamo Bay to Yemen as it moves toward closing the facility, saying the process for transfers are “consistent with our national security interests”.

    There are 90 plus detainees at Gitmo who could be released to Yemen.

    Perhaps the problem is that we have no clue what Obama means by “our national security interests.” We are assuming that it means that he will protect the citizens of the US, here and abroad, like not get us killed. I’m beginning to believe he really wants to protect his precious reputation, the guy with the extended hand at all costs. That fits with his directive to our various intel agencies which I suspect was lay off the Muslims.

  3. dhunter says:

    At what point does it become clear that Pinnochio has no intention of, or at least is a miserable failure at, his primary function to protect and defend these United States and the constitution thereof?

    At what point does this become so obvious and the threat to the Republic so great that removal from office becomes necessary?

    How many dead will it take?
    Thirty at Fort Hood … not enough!
    Nearly 300 on an airliner….Nope?
    3000 in an attack on one of our cities?
    30,000 in a chemical or biological attack?
    300,000 in a nuclear attack?
    At what point does the leftist Affirmative Action experiment end and how?
    I hope the CIA has the answer, because I fear the politicians and the press have not the will, any such calls will be met with howls of racism!

  4. Flint says:

    Democraticunderground is reporting that Bush holdovers in the CIA withheld crucial information in order to make Obama look bad.

  5. AJStrata says:

    Flint – watch for my next post. I State Department source started to spill the beans. And it was changes made by team Obama that led to both the Ft Hood Massacre and the near-miss on Flight 253.

  6. […] It is not beyond the pale that the liberals like AG Holder and President Obama came into office with the intent of changing the course of national defense. As I said earlier the first clear warning signs of this myopic naiveté was the ban on the phrase ‘terrorist‘ or ‘terrorism‘. And it is crystal clear in the aftermath of the Flight 253 bombing incident as the administration conveyed all the rights of a US citizen on the Nigerian Jihadist terrorist, including the right to remain silent in order to ensure future attacks are not stopped. […]

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