Jan 17 2006

ACLU In Contact With Overseas Terrorist?

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Would seem so. Since NSA only targets communications with terrorist suspects overseas

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a group of prominent journalists, scholars, attorneys, and national nonprofit organizations (including the ACLU) who frequently communicate by phone and e-mail with people in the Middle East. Because of the nature of their calls and e-mails, they believe their communications are being intercepted by the NSA under the spying program.

Interesting. So while our military are risking life and limb for our nation, these nervous ninnies are not able to be inconvenienced, even if they are contacting terrorists.

As I said before, the reason the media is all over this is they don’t like the fact they are fair game when the try and get a scoop on the next mass killer of innocent Americans. I mean, what is more important?

Now they are defending people’s rights to communicate freely with terrorists. What are they thinking?

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  2. Enemy Of The State

    Thank you to John Stephenson for the story via A J Strata.

  3. axiom says:

    They’re thinking that protecting terrorists is their public mission. Essential to that mission is learning what the government has learned about you via your communications.

    They’re acting in the best interest of their clients.

  4. Call to Action – Stop those who endanger America

    I have an idea.

    How about concerned American citizens counter-sue the ACLU and other leftwing groups for tampering with our National Security, and endangering our lives?

  5. ACLUeless and Journalists Suing NSA For Wiretappin

    The ACLU is perfectly content to undermine US national security during wartime to promote its own agenda, and has a few willing accomplices – including an organization that engaged in terrorist activities on its own (Greenpeace), and one that regular…

  6. HaroldHutchison says:

    The ACLU has shown that the CL must stand for ClueLess.

  7. Cassandra and the Trojan Horse

    In Greek Mythology, Cassandra was the daughter of King Priam of Troy. She was a beautiful young woman and Apollo, the God who came to represent rationality, fell in love with the maiden, as Greek Gods were wont to do.

  8. BIGDOG says:

    I thought in 2002 the ACLU questioned the courts.

    “Even without taking into account THE PRESIDENT’s inherent constitutional authority to conduct warrantless foreign intelligence surveillance, we think the procedures and government showings required under FISA, if they do not meet the minimum Fourth Amendment warrant standards, certainly come close.”

    Im sorry ACLU what has changed since 2002…NOTHING MORONS!!!!!! grrrrr!!!!!

  9. Donkatsu says:

    One of the key propellants of the ACLU’s blizzard of religion suits is its ability to collect all attorneys’ fees from the government entity that chooses to settle rather than saddle its taxpayers with major litigation costs (funny, I recall that the ACLU sued the NYC School Department so that Muslim students could have their own prayer rooms, but consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds). These fees provide the ACLU with a war chest to go after the rest of us in their announced litigation. I fear that the only way to fight this is with fire, tying up the ACLU with counter-suits and big legal bills if they lose. I leave it to better legal minds to figure out how to do this, but Macsmind seems to be on the right track. You see, we need actual damage to go forth on our side; they just need a fishing license. But the kind of damage that would provide pretext is probably unacceptable to us so preemption (damn, that word again!) is a better route. Maybe the legal eagles at PowerLine can come up with a suitable basis for an action.

    Slightly OT, isn’t the NYT just a bit too keen to show that none of this NSA effort did any good at all?

  10. mary mapes says:

    live Sac news on the eco (ELF) terrorists

    6 month paid informant embedded gave Fed info on them, no bail allowed on the eco-terrorists … members of anarchist groups and frequent to protests, they say they arrived in CA Jan. 8th, 10th searched for targets and the 11th traveled to SF to meet with ELO ringleader types(?) and when they were arrested in kmart parking lot they were buying materials for explosives…on target Nimbus Dam (below Folsom Dam)

    Olie Aucksen is one of the suspects names and apparently posts on sites and may have a site?

  11. mary mapes says:

    where did Ollie come from ( I swear that is what the reporter said, and showed visuals of the site) but Sac Bee has

    “Eric Taylor McDavid, 28; Zachary O. Jenson 20; and Lauren Weiner, 20; …

    …The affidavit reveals that the case against them is based on electronic surveillance and “a confidential source who is deeply embedded within the subjects’ cell” of the Earth Liberation Front.”

    so I dunno.

    The FBI affidavit also available here too..