Dec 24 2009

Go Home Dems – Stop Trying To Play Santa Claus

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You know this could be a really nice Christmas if those oversized egos in DC would just stop trying to shove their mugs into our holiday spirit. In what has to be the worst case of “look at me!” I have ever seen, the Democrats pushed through a tortured wreck of a bill on health care yesterday. Even many liberal Democrats hate the misshapen monster that has plopped out of the sausage mill called the US Senate:

The Senate health care bill is not worthy of the historic vote that the House took a month ago.

Even though the House version is far from perfect, it at least represents a step toward our goal of giving 36 million Americans decent health coverage.

But under the Senate plan, millions of Americans will be forced into private insurance company plans, which will be subsidized by taxpayers. That alternative will do almost nothing to reform health care but will be a windfall for insurance companies. Is it any surprise that stock prices for some of those insurers are up recently?

This is from Rep Louise Slaughter (D-NY), a far left liberal who is from the group this disaster of a bill is supposedly meant to please (or appease, or whatever). She’s a little off target, but what we do know is we are now facing another round of punishing taxes while any real healthcare changes are years off. All thanks to a dirty little trick to keep the bill from being ‘scored’ as the bankrupting machine it is – only 6 years of ‘fixes’ with 10 years of taxes. President Obama, if he is to become a one term disaster, will never see any health care benefits come to fruition while in office.

What we have is a prime example of what comes out of a process highjacked by zealots trying to force something on others in a democracy. There is so much opposition to this in the American public this beastie had to be put together with bribes and baling twine to pass the Senate. Thankfully it will be the shining exclamation point on a lot of incompetent careers, starting in 2010 when the people start throwing the bums out.

The epitome of arrogance on display by the buffoons in DC is the fact they are pushing this through on Christmas. This is an important time for families to sit back and give thanks for sacrifices made by others. It is also a time to remember that we can make it through the hard times by simply not giving up on the dream of a better future.

Instead, at this special time what we see in DC is this gaggle of egomaniacs clamoring for media attention to tell us all how great they are. Truly obnoxious. They are trying to compete with Santa Claus, to show they have the power to give to others great gifts.

Well it looks more like a lump of coal to me. I don’t trust bureaucrats to run DMVs, let alone work on my car. Why would I trust them with life and death issues for my family? I have enough trouble screening out incompetent MD’s and delinquent nurses (thankfully these are few and far between, but I have found my fair share). Now you add in disinterested and power mad bureaucrats trying to save a few bucks and I am supposed to be thrilled?

This is the big problem with liberals. They always think of simpleton solutions to complex challenges and then go on to try and save the world in their simple way. They live and breathe their Walter Mitty moments each and every day, deluding themselves with their brilliance and greatness. They fail to grasp the true complexities of the world, therefore everything seems simple in their simple minds. That is how they thought up the disaster of Global Cooling Warming. That is why they think there is no need for a military because all we have to do is be nice to evil people and they will be nice back. That is why they want the government to do everything for us instead of us taking care (and pride) in ourselves. They are not filling our need, they are feeding their own ego’s need.

Liberals need to be seen as Santa Claus (or Robin Hood, etc). They are so insecure they get this bizarre obsession to be seen as all powerful givers of good to all people. And this year, with health care, this mental disorder is on display in neon lights, overshadowing what should be a time for family to be together and look on the bright side for a bit.

Go home Dems, leave us be for a few days of Peace on Earth. You have all next year to tell us how great you are, on your way off the public stage of politics.

Update: One Democrat thinks a swift tack to the center will undo a year of liberal disaster:

The announcement by Alabama Rep. Parker Griffith that he is switching to the Republican Party is just the latest warning sign that the Democratic Party — my lifelong political home — has a critical decision to make: Either we plot a more moderate, centrist course or risk electoral disaster not just in the upcoming midterms but in many elections to come.

Hate to point this out, but the seeds of the upcoming political disaster were sowed in the stimulus bill, which had no hope of having any effect until this year (the gears of the bloated federal bureaucracy move at glacial speed). Whatever jobs impact it was going to have will be small and isolated to government contractors – which still do not make up the majority of the economy by far. The stimulus bill was a foolish liberal fantasy, which is racking up enormous deficits and doing nothing in return for the pain.

That means the 2010 electoral disaster was dialed in February 2009 when the libs passed this false hope and promise. When they failed to fix the jobs situation, the Democrats’ fate was sealed.

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4 Responses to “Go Home Dems – Stop Trying To Play Santa Claus”

  1. dhunter says:

    Merry Christmas AJ and family have a Happy and safe one in spite of the train wreck going on in D.C.

    If we never forget we will be able to fight this thing next year!

    I’m convinced these clowns are counting on short memories or have no intention of facing the voters again!

    Martial Law after some Terror attack, kind of like the economic meltdown in Oct. 2009?

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  4. Flint says:

    They know what they’re doing. They’ve got their subsidies and their “afirmative action” mandates. Raw patronage, Chicago style.