Jan 16 2006

Season Premier of 24

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The much anticipated season premiere of 24 hit with a powerful punch last night. LJStrata hooked me this last year by getting me into all of the first four seasons on DVD – the only way to watch this show. She was ready to go last night as the season started with some stunning events. SPOILER ALERT – forewarned.

I have to admit it was a challenge to make sure we got it recorded on our cable DVR given the fact the NFL playoff game went late (excellent game BTW). We had to record the ten o’clock news as well to get the whole thing for a friend. The DVR technology is still not where it needs to be when time delays cause stations to move the schedules around.

Drudge is reporting some poor souls missed the last ten minutes because local stations cut away! Are they crazy? These folks are rightfully angry. You don’t cut away from the last ten minutes of 24.

Many others in our area around DC were without power due to high winds all weekend. Maybe ABC will find a time to replay the premiere.

The premiere hits you in the gut with the assassination of former President David Palmer – one of the best characters in the series, and most liked. He was everything you want in a President, made all the more towering when compared to the wimpy current Nixon-look-alike President. The guy even does Nixon’s mannerisms!

Anyway, the David Palmer character was definitely a great character. The writers of these series must occasionally realize they have invested successfully in a character, and then decide to get their dramatic return on investment by knocking it off. That is why Tony and Michelle looked like good candidates for a dramatic opening.

In a very strange twist for 24, they let out of the bag early who was on the inside and partly behind the new attacks. And it wasn’t a surprise. What they have left out is the why and a few lingering questions. One question is what does the First Lady know? And why does she know it?

The big one is who else knew Jack was alive? Supposedly everyone who knew Jack was alive was attacked (Palmer, Tony, Michelle, Chloe) and two of those are dead, one unconscious and one with Jack. To target these four people means someone else knew.

Great beginning to the series. I am looking forward to the next two hour installment tonight. I am not happy I am now engrossed in another cliffhanger show (i.e., Lost).


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