Dec 15 2009

IPCC’s Corporate Interests In AGW Is $$$$

The claim those of us ‘denying’ man-made global warming (or at least misleading charts which give false and unscientific impressions with no mathematical basis) are in the pocket of big business is laughable when you look at all the deep pockets paying the UN’s IPCC chair:

Intriguingly, for such an upstanding public servant though, he is also a strategic advisor to the private equity investment firm Pegasus Capital Advisors LP, which he became in February of this year. However, this is by no means Dr Pachauri’s only foray into the world of finance. In December 2007, be became a member of the Senior Advisory Board of Siderian venturesbased in San Francisco.

This is a venture capital business owned by the Dutch multinational business incubator and operator in sustainable technology, Tendris Holding, itself part-owned by electronics giant Philips. It acquired a minority interest in January 2009 in order to “explore new business opportunities in the area of sustainability.” As a member of the Senior Advisory Board of Siderian, Dr Pachauri is expected to provide the Fund and its portfolio companies “with access, standing and industry exposure at the highest level.”

In June 2008, Dr Pachauri became a member of the Board of the Nordic bank Glitnir, which that year launched the The Sustainable Future Fund, Iceland, a new savings account “designed to help the environment.” Then, the fund was expected to accumulate up to €4 billion within a few years, thus becoming one of the largest private funds supporting research into sustainable development. That same month of June 2008, Dr Pachauri also became Chairman of the Indochina Sustainable Infrastructure Fund. Under its CEO Rick Mayo Smith, it was looking to raise at least $100 billion from the private sector.

The previous April 2008 was also a busy month. Dr Pachauri joined the Board of the Credit Suisse Research Institute, Zurich and became a member of the Advisory Group for the Rockefeller Foundation, USA. Then, in May he became a member of the Board of theInternational Risk Governance Council in Geneva. This, despite its name, is primarily concerned with the promotion of bioenergy, drawing funding from electricity giants EON and EDF. But, not content with that, Dr Pachauri also became Chairman and Member of the Advisory Group at the Asian Development Bank that May.

H/T Bishop Hill. Sadly there is even more at the original article. This is corruption at its most gross. This man’s wealth is totally reliant on AGW being proven to be true. The man is raking in money to make sure governments take our tax money and sprinkle it to these corporations to ‘save the planet’.

Not a single dime of my money thank you – and I am free market, capitalist, conservative!

Hey Greenies, who are the dupes of corporate greed now?

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