Dec 11 2009

Confirmed: CRU Data Includes Raw Temp Data From 2005 & 2008!

Blogger Chiefio has discovered more evidence that the data file I have been using to demonstrate the raw CRU shows little to no global warming in the last half century is in fact raw CRU data runs:


If you look on Climate Audit you will see that I’m all over it!
Our ftp site is regularly trawled as I guess yours is. It seems that
a Canadian along with two Americans copied some files we put there
for MOHC in early 2003. So saying they have the CRU data is not
quite correct. What they have is our raw data for CRUTEM2 which
went into Jones and Moberg (2003) – data through end of 2002.

[From Phil Jones, CRU]

The file I discovered was named idl_cruts3_2005_vs_2008b and was created in July 2009. That means CRU did have the raw measurement data and Phil Jones’ lied when he claimed in August it had been deleted in the 1980’s.  Clearly this run was for ‘cruts3’ in preparation for either AR4 or Copenhagen.

It also means all my analysis regarding this data and what is says about the lack of global warming are valid (in order I wrote them):

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4 Responses to “Confirmed: CRU Data Includes Raw Temp Data From 2005 & 2008!”

  1. Neo says:

    Don’t get caught up in the subtleties of linguistics.

    He was probably referring to the input data as the “raw data”.
    Only God knows how much preprocessing they did to the input data.

  2. crosspatch says:

    AJ, it is probably the data file that was released when all of the brouhaha was going on here. That is when files were discovered on the website and snagged by Steve McIntyre and others. Steve had some interesting posts at around that time that confirmed some of his suspicions.

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