Dec 08 2009

Stick A Fork In COP15

The climate summit in Copenhagen just imploded over back room power politics which was leaked to the newspapers:

The UN Copenhagen climate talks are in disarray today after developing countries reacted furiously to leaked documents that show world leaders will next week be asked to sign an agreement that hands more power to rich countries and sidelines the UN’s role in all future climate change negotiations.

The document also sets unequal limits on per capita carbon emissions for developed and developing countries in 2050; meaning that people in rich countries would be permitted to emit nearly twice as much under the proposals.

The so-called Danish text, a secret draft agreement worked on by a group of individuals known as “the circle of commitment” – but understood to include the UK, US and Denmark – has only been shown to a handful of countries since it was finalised this week.

The idea that there will be higher restrictions on poorer and developing countries while the western developed countries sit fat and nice just destroyed any political agreements.

What a crock. Want to lay odds Obama finds his calendar too full to drop by after this fiasco?

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9 Responses to “Stick A Fork In COP15”

  1. Aitch748 says:

    I was hoping you’d seen this story. 🙂

    It kind of lends support to those of us who’ve come to suspect that this whole climate-change thing is really about jetsetters trying to rule the world, doesn’t it?

  2. AJStrata says:


    Absatively Posilutely

  3. Terrye says:

    The idea is that tin pot dictators in the third world will keep their people cooking over dung fires while they pocket pay offs from rich countries…as if the poor will live in some sort of pristine poverty to save the planet.

    Meanwhile the working poor of countries like the United States will be forced to spend more on energy themselves to make up for the fact that people in the third world do not have electricity.

    Now that is a plan designed to make almost everyone unhappy.

  4. Alert1201 says:

    Rush is reporting on this right now.

    “Want to lay odds Obama finds his calendar too full to drop by after this fiasco?”

    You may be giving Obama too much credit. Being blinded by his narcissism and self-importance he may just rush to Cop with the illusion that persuasive brilliance will save the day.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the O rush to Europe only to do another Olympian belly flop?

  5. Mike M. says:

    Obama will show up. His arrogance and foolishness will guarantee it.

    I’m still waiting for the full-blown public Obama temper-tantrum. Which I expect to happen by the end of January.

  6. ivehadit says:

    Are the Russians assisting in all this leaking? 🙂

    It really is fun to see “what’s good for the goose (republican presidents) is good for the gander. Couldn’t think of a more deserving “gander”.

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