Dec 08 2009

More Phil Jones Trying To Hide The Decline

Reader SBD points to another Phil Jones ‘trick’ he contemplated playing on an unsuspecting public (and on an extremely gullible and ignorant news media):

Date: Mon Feb 21 16:28:32 2005
Cc: “raymond s. bradley” , “Malcolm Hughes”

Mike, Ray and Malcolm,

The skeptics seem to be building up a head of steam here! Maybe we can use this to our advantage to get the series updated ! Odd idea to update the proxies with satellite estimates of the lower troposphere rather than surface data !

If I am reading this right Phil Jones was planning another bait and switch by splicing satellite data onto the historic temp record to hide the decline. Probably because by this time the surface data was now also showing too much cooling. He apparently would do anything to keep his hickey stick from wilting in the cold.

The man is not a scientists, he is a snake oil huckster.

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4 Responses to “More Phil Jones Trying To Hide The Decline”

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  2. Neo says:

    Phil Jones would have fit in perfectly at the Tobacco Institute

  3. Fai Mao says:

    This man needs to go to jail. But before he does he needs to be publicluy expossed.

    The problem is that the hard left enviro-loonies are like vampires, they always rise from the dead with another scam.