Jan 12 2006

Biden Sees No Use In Hearings

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Well, it took their shameful self destruction to finally realize that these hearings are not allowing the people to understand the candidates for the Federal Bench, but simply allow the Senators to look foolish. Biden has come out calling for an end to these hearings, which were not always required:

Supreme Court nominees are so mum about the major legal issues at their Senate confirmation hearings that the hearings serve little purpose and should probably be abandoned, Democratic Sen. Joe Biden said Thursday.

The system’s kind of broken,” said Biden, a member of the Judiciary Committee considering the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito.

I agree with Biden – this is and was a waste (not to mention an embarrassment)/

While I am typing this, some cold-fish arrogant liberal on Cavuto is dismissing the damage and Mrs. Alito’s tears – further killing the left. Add to that the comments from different left leaning groups and we see an ugly, ugly side of America – obsessive partisanship. These people who dismiss the emotional toll clearly demonstrate a complete lack of human compassion and reasonable bounds.

For example, let’s hold our nose and look inside DailyKOS

Yesterday I said it was like being tied to the tracks watching a train bearing down. And how pointless…the whole thing is theater without a strong opposition party. It’s really turning me against most of these sacred cow Senators (except those who are being honest and direct). They simply don’t live in the real world at all.

At this point…I wonder… (none / 0)

…whether it’d be better to keep pinning futile hopes on spineless wet-noodle democrats, or to actually just try to get old-style republicans, (as in fiscal conservative, small government) to try to mutiny within their own party and take it back.

The con ship’s already taken massive hits and is listing. The dems COULD board and take over, but they seem to be milling about their deck examining the ropes and declaring hand-to-hand swordfighting to be beneath them.

So do we keep backing spineless, gutless doormat-dems (with the exception of few like Murtha and Dean), or do we instead try to get the endangered, but actually tough old-guard republicans to take their own party back?

It made me so mad watching all the networks jump all over this. It felt very biased and I question whether it is real or not!!!

I wonder if they failed to (none / 0)

give her a count. You know “when you hear me say the word family give it a three beat count and then stand up and leave.”

The whores are calling grahams comments a “moment of civility” in an otherwise mean hearing.

please please please tell me what WE did to make her cry?

If I call her a gop whore will you go vote republican in the fall?

The media is making this up.

If the average American will vote gop because they think the Dems made a rich white woman cry then you guys are truly f****d.

They should be voting dem because the gop has made thousands of brown women cry.

Cry real uncontrollable tears as they struggle to kiss the checks of their DEAD children one last time.

Cry real tears as they see their spouses being raped and tortured in American run prisons for having been on the wrong side of the street as the tanks rolled into town.

Notice how all the concern is about how they look? Talk about self absorbed. Then of course their is the Don Quixote fantasy where these people are validated by fighting the world’s evil.

BTW, Check out Mark Coffey’s latest on the Alito hearings and the Filibuster issue over the last year.


Hugh Hewitt covers how the Senate Dems ran from the room as Alito’s fellow jurists testified and expressed their outrage with the Dems tactics:

As distinguished jurist after distinguished jurist testified on behalf of Judge Alito, the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee first visibly buckled, their faces’ falling, and then simply fled. Perhaps it was Judge Aldisert’s resume –a campaign worker for Jack Kennedy in West Virginia, an LBJ appointee supported by Bobby Kennedy when RFK was senator from New York– that prompted Teddy to flee, or the patient, sincere, steady rumble of a barely concealed outrage from across the long panel of judges at the treatment their obviously deeply respected colleague had received at the hands of the Senate Democrats that routed Schumer, Durbin and even Leahy. But whatever the reason, all that blather about judicial independence and ethics melted away in the rain of approval from Judge Alito’s robed colleagues.

Tough medicine to swallow.

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  1. mary mapes says:

    While I am typing this, some cold-fish arrogant liberal on Cavuto is dismissing the damage and Mrs. Alito’s tears – further killing the left.

    And perpetuating the “staged” meme and lamely trying to perpetuate the silliness Lindsey Graham made her cry meme.

    Now that was theatre. Not sure what’s more embarrassing, the vapid thuggery on display by Dem. Senators or the lame grasping at straws spin?

  2. smh10 says:

    All these “big men” who ask such “tough” questions turn into small nothings when confronted with those more knowledgeable and important than themselves.
    If for no other reason than respect, the dems should have sat in their seats and heard the opinions of these jurists.
    Just imagine the uproar of the left and press if Republicans would have vacated the room if this were a dem nominee.
    It is a frightening prospect that those with so little respect and decency could again in the future gain control of Congress and the White House.

  3. I’m not so sure the hearings are a bust. They showed America that Sam Alito is an upstanding man and an excellent judrist who will be an outstanding associate justice. AND they revealed to anyone who didn’t know that Sens. Kennedy, Biden, Durbin et al are morons.

    In my opinion, the system worked.

  4. AJStrata says:


    Good and fair point. Now if we could condense the process down to 4 hours and less bloviating….

    Cheers, AJStrata

  5. Snapple says:


    It is ridiculous for Senator Kennedy to be castigating anyone for what they did as young men.

    Kennedy drove drunk and killed Mary Jo Kopekne.

    If he had been anyone else he would have gone to jail. Instead he went to the Senate.