Jan 11 2006

Ted Kennedy’s Warrantless Surveillance For Partisan Reasons

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I seriously doubt Ted Kennedy and his Senate Democrat co-conspirators realize what a bone head move they just made regarding the CAP subpoena for dirt on Alito. While Congress has the power of subpoena, it is clear this planned invasion of privacy of a US Citizen not even involved in the hearings on Judge Alito was without judicial oversight. There was no FISA court or Federal Court in front of which the dems had to show probable cause.

This is not something allowed under FISA, NSA guidance or The Patriot Act. Ted Kennedy and the Democrats just showed which part of government is the one likely to go after private citizens on the flimsiest of excuses. Excuses that don’t come close to covering up the partisan intent.

Bush is getting flack for surveillance of people communicating with known terrorists – but Ted Kennedy wants a warrantless search of some guys papers because Alito at one time belonged to his organization 35 years ago. The left is all upset about the Patriot Act giving law enforcement the same opportunities to go to a judge for a search warrant on terrorists as we have for drug dealers and organized crime – but Kennedy and the Dems can bypass judicial review and demand an innocent citizen who is not the target of any investigation or senate hearings be forced to give up his papers at the whim of a Senator??

Folks, the real danger in abuse of power is the democrats. From Ronnie Earle, to Joe Wilson, and now to Ted Kennedy, the rights of Americans are threatened by the abuse of power from the left.

Now, when a liberal is all upset about civil rights, just respond “you mean like Ted Kennedy’s warrantless CAP search and seizure?”


More on this at Decision ’08. My opinion is Kennedy and his Dem comrades screwed themselves so many ways it will take weeks to see all the damage done. Making the wife of the next Justice for our US Supreme Court tear up due to rough handling of these desparate dems probably knocked off a lot of moderate women voters as well.

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  1. MerryJ1 says:

    Very good catch, AJ! You’re doing some fantastic work.

  2. smh10 says:

    Great work AJ.

    On the topic of Mrs. Alito, watching Schumer with John Gibson this evening denying his knowledge of her being upset and leaving was a bit more than the average person should have to endure.
    A real man might apologize in some fashion, but then I consider the source.

  3. mary mapes says:

    NO kidding. I saw that too and thought hmmm…was Schumer or any of his aides in the hearing room when Mrs. Alito left? Wouldn’t that be KARMA.

    AJ you are right…they don’t know what hit them! This is such a tactical PR blunder, they have NO IDEA. Every wife, no matter which side of the aisle has no patience for this…the more it loops? WOW.

    Now that Rusher agreed to readily THEY HAVE to go another day! What idiots…how will they act tomorrow? Dig the hole deeper as thugs or look like opportunistic bully frauds by being civil?

    What a mess they created.

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  5. smh10 says:

    To add insult to injury the AP is blaming Senator Graham for Mrs. Alito losing her compuser. Sick, sick, sick. Why would anyone believe anything the MSM puts out anymore?

  6. smh10 says:


  7. […] Tigerhawk has an interesting perspective on Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA)’s questioning of Supreme Court nominee Sam Alito yesterday, in response to comments made by blogger AJStrata. I’m not going to get into the whole “they made Alito’s wife cry” stuff. It’s being overblown, as far as I’m concerned. Still, after hearing Kennedy’s outburst, and reading transcripts of what happened, I do agree that there is some attempt at character assassination here. …the fact of the Congressional subpoena power does not make Teddy Kennedy any less a hypocrite in demanding the coercive extraction of the records of a political organization. We need to say it again: Senator Kennedy took the scary position that it was just and appropriate for the Congress to extract by coercion the private, internal records of a political advocacy group just because it was considering the nomination of a person who had once been a member of that organization. […]

  8. Larwyn says:

    This would truly bury them:
    List people and orgs consulted in prep for Alito hearings Dems!
    American Thinker poses great challenge to Sen. Feingold:

    Sen. Feingold’s Excellent Adventure

    I have always found sanctimony from Sen. Feingold particulalry unappealing since he was instrumental in engineering the first significant curbing of free political speech in this country since its founding (yes, he had help, but that does not change the main point). One of these days, the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of Congress making a law abridging freedom of speech will go down with other titanic travesties such as Dred Scott and Plessy v. Ferguson. But here we are now. And Sen. Feingold now wants Judge Alito to provide a list of everyone with whom he spoke in preparing for his hearings. Funny. I thought the point of the hearings was for Senators to ask questions of the nominee. But if we are now going to document the provenance of the proceedings, then balance certainly requires that each Senator submit a list of those people and organizations with whom he or she consulted in preparing for the hearings. Those lists would make most interesting reading. And they have the advantage of being equally insulting, as their provision implies that the Senators are doing the bidding of third parties, not representing the interests of their constituents, just as asking Judge Alito to provide his list of advisors is meant to imply that he is being manipulated by them, not speaking for himself.I hope that one of the Republican senators makes this request tomorrow when Judge Alito provides his list.Let’s put them all on the web.Greg Richards 1 12 06