Dec 06 2009

BBC Confirms AJStrata’s Take Shoddy CRU Code

Those of us whose profession’s include development of quality, safe code could tell right off that the CRU code leaked to the public was itself a hack job of incompetence. I mentioned the difference between sound code and ‘PhD level’ code here and here. The best insight into the mess is the HARRY_READ_ME file, which screams out for hundred’s of pages on how bad the CRU code and results are.

Now the BBC weighs in with a damning piece that will shake the climate change community (H/T Newbusters):

Update: The word is spreading:

THE British Meteorological Office is to launch a review of its temperature data and has asked 188 nations – including Australia – for permission to release raw weather data in the wake of the so-called ”Climate-gate” email scandal.

The Age reported on Saturday that a 247-page text file by one of the university’s most senior computer programmers has also revealed frustration and anxiety about the integrity of the raw data provided from weather stations around the world and that Australian data came in for particular criticism.

The programmer found the Australian weather data to be riddled with entry errors, duplication and inaccuracies and described as a ”bloody mess” attempts to homogenise information and entries.

The entire myth of man-made global warming is unraveling.

Update: Polls show dramatic shift away from AWG, the world are turning into skeptics!

Another great UK article covering Climategate.

A great review on the dodgy products from NASA’s GIS (follow the links on this one).

Update: More code analysis – results ain’t pretty. (H/T Bishop Hill)

Update: A solid broadside from Canada

Update: More bad code here and here. As the BBC asks, would you wager trillions of dollars on the output? How about $1,000?

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