Jan 11 2006

Tsunami Risk

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World Net Daily also had a link on St Augustine Volcano in Alaska which is on red alert for an eruption. It sits on an island in Cook Inlet, making it a candidate for a Tsunami if part of it breaks free. Links here and here, with a web feed on what appears to be seisometers monitoring the earth quakes here (man I love the internet).

Truly impressive shots from above showing the collapsed side of the volcano here. More here on the eruption history of the volcano.


News is the volcano has had an eruption, but nothing severe.

Mount Augustine Volcano erupted early Wednesday, sending an ash plume an estimated 30,000 feet into the Alaska sky.

A pair of explosions at 4:44 a.m and 5:13 a.m. indicated the volcano probably had erupted, said geologist Jennifer Adleman of the Alaska Volcano Observatory said. Seismic activity has not continued since those explosions.

The plume advanced north but was expected to remain west of Anchorage, said Bob Hopkins, meteorologist in charge in the Anchorage office. A flight advisory was issued for pilots for an area 20 miles east and west of the volcano and about 50 miles north.

This may not be the end. The lack of quake action seems odd. These things don’t just go quiet all at once.

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