Dec 04 2009

The World’s Future Hangs On “OH F**K THIS”!

Mark Steyn has a wonderful way of distilling an issue down to its hard core. He does so again today on the mythology of man-made global warming, using HARRY_READ_ME has his foil:

Yet perhaps the most important revelation is not the collusion, the bullying, the politicization and the evidence-planting, but the fact that, even if you wanted to do honest “climate research” at the Climatic Research Unit, the data and the models are now so diseased by the above that they’re all but useless. Let Ian “Harry” Harris, who works in “climate scenario development and data manipulation” at the CRU, sum it up.

“ARGH. Just went back to check on synthetic production. Apparently—I have no memory of this at all—we’re not doing observed rain days! It’s all synthetic from 1990 onwards. So I’m going to need conditionals in the update program to handle that. And separate gridding before 1989. And what TF happens to station counts?

“OH F–K THIS. It’s Sunday evening, I’ve worked all weekend, and just when I thought it was done I’m hitting yet another problem that’s based on the hopeless state of our databases. There is no uniform data integrity, it’s just a catalogue of issues that continues to grow as they’re found.”

Thus spake the Settled Scientist: “OH F–K THIS.” And on the basis of “OH F–K THIS” the world’s enlightened progressives will assemble at Copenhagen for the single greatest advance in punitive liberalism ever perpetrated on the developed world.

Yep, Copenhagen will be were the world’s leading gaggle of liberals will ponder the fate of humanity and how they can save us from ourselves, based on the rigorously and scientifically produced answer: “OH F–K THIS”! Heaven help us.

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  1. granitroc says:

    Andrew Walden at The American Thinker explains the scam even further. Now we know measuring stations of CO2 were, in some cases, placed downwind of natural CO2 sources, like volcanoes!

    Imagine that! See his article, “Greenhouse Gas Observatories Downwind from Erupting Volcanoes”. The revelations keep piling up.

    This isn’t science, its lies and fraud!

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