Jan 11 2006

Murtha’s Madness

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Rep Jack (‘Runaway” [in your best Python voice]) Murtha has crossed the line. Mac Ranger has a post where Murtha accepted accolades from Code Pink with our own VA Rep Jim (Moron) Moran:

Thank You Congressman Murtha! CODEPINK co-founder Gael Murphy and DC coordinator Allison Yorra met with Congressman Murtha to thank him for his courageous stand on Iraq. We presented him with our pink badge of courage and pink flowers sent by CODEPINK members nationwide. Rep Murtha was very appreciative of these gestures and requested that we ask legislators to support H.J Res 73 (Murtha’s resolution). He also requested that we use additional donations for the wounded at Walter Reed. DC CODEPINK along with other peace groups involved in the weekly vigil at Walter Reed recently delivered baskets of goodies to the wounded at Walter Reed.

It was only a few short months ago Code Pink were part of some of the most shameless acts at Walter Reed Hospital.

The Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., the current home of hundreds of wounded veterans from the war in Iraq, has been the target of weekly anti-war demonstrations since March. The protesters hold signs that read “Maimed for Lies” and “Enlist here and die for Halliburton.”

Among the props used by the protesters are mock caskets, lined up on the sidewalk to represent the death toll in Iraq.

This happened back in August, and back then Code Pink was all for taunting our injured heroes

Code Pink Women for Peace, one of the groups backing anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan’s vigil outside President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, organizes the protests at Walter Reed as well.

Murtha is now openly rejecting the military he claims to respect and allied himself with the lunatic fringe. This is confirmed by those who know best, the ones who had to tolerate these shameful and childish acts:

“We went by there one day and I drove by and [the anti-war protesters] had a bunch of flag-draped coffins laid out on the sidewalk. That, I thought, was probably the most distasteful thing I had ever seen. Ever,” Pannell, a member of the Army’s First Cavalry Division, told Cybercast News Service.

“You know that 95 percent of the guys in the hospital bed lost guys whenever they got hurt and survivors’ guilt is the worst thing you can deal with,” Pannell said, adding that other veterans recovering from wounds at Walter Reed share his resentment for the anti-war protesters.

Will Murtha now be taunting the loved ones who sacrificed for this great country by having a flag draped coffin as a prop! Murtha is an opportunistic, selfish, fraud. He never cared about the military or he would never have aligned with these people.

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  1. Larwyn says:

    GatewayPundit is reporting that Code Pink is conducting a
    “shoe drive for Iraq”. NOT collecting shoes to send to Iraqi
    children – but to send to members of U S Congress to represent
    all the deaths of Iraqis. Lancet’s numbers will be used, I am sure.
    Where is Mrs. Marcos when you need her!

    If Sean Penn’s recent lament; it is GW’s fault he cannot quit
    smoking is taken up. Look for one of the Lefty groups to send a number of something to represent the deaths from any disease
    that can be connected to smoking to the Republican
    members of Congress. So far, they have not adding this to the
    reasons to impeach President Bush – but they have time.

    LSM is trying to blame the Sago Mine accident on Bush – but only
    27 deaths occured in mining accidents in 2005 – so I don’t expect
    much of a “drive” impetus there.

    They are very dissapointed that they didn’t get to collect 10’s of
    thousands of something to represent all the Bush Katrina Murder

    God please bless us and send some wisdom to the You know who’s!