Jan 10 2006

Alito Hearings

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I have not been writing on the Alito confirmation process because, well…

It’s not very interesting. And that seems to general feeling if you check in Tom Bevan at Real Clear Politics.

The odds of a filibuster will rise or fall based on the success Democrats have in tarnishing Alito today, and that, in turn, will depend to a large degree on how Alito handles himself. As Andrew Kohut said in the Balz article, ” “You’re going to have to really get some significant news out of these hearings to move the needle in a negative way.”

I disagree. Democrats have played the smear game so often it has lost all its effect. The shock would be if Kennedy and others acted like mature, serious statesmen. They are expected to go over the top, and it is boring. I am a political junky and this is boring. The country is not engaged. The left cried ‘wolf’ too many times, most recently on Chief Justice Roberts. After slamming his family the left lost what little respect they had in the country on this subject.

There is no interest outside the activists (and even then I would wager it is not very energetic). Bush gets to nominate Supreme Court judges. No surprise or issue there. We all knew it when we voted for him.

So I expect nothing much of anything and, in the end, a confirmation.

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  1. mary mapes says:

    You nailed it AJ, frustration, but it is a snore fest no matter how hard they try.

    BTW, just when you thought it couldn’t get any lower by the party apparently run by unserious children…what do they do? Urge their members to purchase Republicans private phone records and reimburse the successful in retaliation for NSA…are there any adults left in their party?