Nov 27 2009

Oh, The Horrors Of Climate Change!

Now I am convinced we need to spend trillions of dollars on CO2:

Global warming is giving French vintners a new potential headache: In a few years, champagne could be going head-to-head with British bubbly.

A leading organization in France’s fabled wine industry sounded the alarm Friday about the ill-effects of rising temperatures on the livelihoods of winegrowers ahead of a climate summit in Copenhagen next month.

Oh the humanity!

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One Response to “Oh, The Horrors Of Climate Change!”

  1. Neo says:

    I’ve already seen like stories about how wine growers in Nappa Valley, CA are worried that it won’t get cold enough to tip the natural processes that occur when winter sets in.

    Of course, nobody has seen any of these problems, they are all projections into a hypothetical future that probably will never occur in any of our lifetimes.