Nov 26 2009

Faked AGW Smoking Guns Everywhere

As I suspected when this story broke, the minor problem for the AGW alarmists was dealing with the Roman and Medieval Warm Periods. The big headache was the warm period prior to 1960, which we can see in the CRU data was equal to or higher than today. This warm period in the first half of the last century is a real problem for the theory of CO2 driven, man-made warming.

What we see time and time again is one of two ‘tricks’ used by the alarmists to exaggerate or manufacture runaway warming. One is the application of ‘corrections’ which shove down the pre 1960 warm periods and raise up the most recent temperatures (see here and here).

The other ‘trick’ is to cherry pick data that supports the AGW fiction and discard data that contradicts that meme. Over at WUWT Warwick Hughes (original link) has discovered another smoking gun, showing how CRU selected stations and only used post 1950 data to create their fictional warming. When you use ALL the data, the myth of global warming magically disappears!

Imagine that, selecting data to create the story of global warming so you can keep getting millions of dollars in tax payer money. Whodathunkit?

Well, we seem to have plenty of evidence of data manipulation, covering up real data, violations of FOI statutes, persecution of opposing scientists and censorship of opposing science. Let the public investigations begin, and we shall see if the science can hold up to real scrutiny.

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