Jan 05 2006

Al Qaeda Wants US To Stay

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The news of the rampant bombings in Iraq have no logic. Bush is considering the withdrawal of our troops if things settle down. So the insurgents bomb 100+ (latest figures) people across Iraq?

A suicide bomber in the Shiite holy city of Karbala killed 30 people and wounded 50 Thursday morning, according to police Lt. Sala Mahdi. Separately, an attack on Sunni Muslims in the city of Ramadi killed 50 and wounded more than 60, according to eyewitnesses and hospital employees.

The deaths brought the two day death toll to at least 134 victims, Shiite and Sunni alike, in an increasingly brutal chain of attacks on Iraqis.

Sounds like the insurgents want us to stay or they have been listening to cues from the liberals in our country. The bombings tend to strengthen the resolves of the massively larger pro-democracy elements in Iraq. These killings are enforcing the will of Iraqi’s to put in place their democratic government.

If the insurgents feel this is impressing the Arab street, then they are not listening.

So what could it be? Well, they could want us to stay longer and kill more of them. Or they could think, incorrectly, that all the Democrat wailings in front of our liberal media indicates more bombings and we leave sooner.

This is why the liberal pols and their amplifiers in the media need to be careful when they lash out. Unfortunately, it is becoming clear the far left doesn’t care if their words confuse the terrorists and they bomb 100’s of innocent people.

All they see are elections and votes and their butts in power.

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