Jun 12 2005

Sounds Like A Coalition Member

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Donald Lambro writes today in the Washington Times Insider Politics Blog about the filibuster issues in a way that clearly makes him a candidate for the Coalition of the Chillin’. Some excerpts.

Suddenly it looks like the Senate’s anti-filibuster deal by the Gang of 14 was a bad move for the Democrats and a clever way of getting some of President Bush’s judicial nominees confirmed and on the Appeals Court.

But it looks like, for the time being at least, that the deal actually knocked down the Berlin Wall of obstruction that the Democrats had erected to prevent any of Mr. Bush’s conservative judicial nominees from getting on the Appeals Court.

Looking back over the results, nothing would have happened to break the logjam if Mr. Frist had not proposed his “nuclear option.” Just the threat of using it broke seven Democratic votes away from the “just say no” Democrats, who saw their filibuster wall collapse long enough to put more of Mr. Bush’s nominees on the bench.

From where I sit, the Democrats lost a big battle in the ongoing judicial war, and America’s court system gained some hardcore conservative judges.

I wish we could draft him!

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