Nov 07 2009

The Most Important Article Of The Year

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I linked to this article in the post below, but it is so important that this article requires much more attention. Pass this around to everyone you know. Read this to your senior citizen parents. Help them pas it along. This is what DC is planning to do to us and it is a crime. More here.

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5 Responses to “The Most Important Article Of The Year”

  1. kathie says:

    Doctors will now stand between the patient and the all mighty dollar. Who wins? Congress will put doctors in an immoral position, it is criminal by any standards.

  2. Whomever says:

    yes this is the most important article for everyone to read this weekend.

  3. giantslor says:

    The McCaughey piece is the biggest piece of lying propaganda of the year, and is brutally fisked here:

  4. Whomever says:

    i had to laugh out loud when I saw that giantslor’s rebuttal person writes for Huffington Post, that bastion of left wing puppy love.

    This HuffingtonPost writer failed to mention how the American people are expected to start paying for this version of health care as soon as it passes and yet it does not “go into effect” until after 2013. Let’s see, that’s three years of bills before the “services” commence. She simply complained that the WSJ person mentioned the astronomical % of your income the government will be taking in 2016. Oh, and this writer trusts that the plans “… are to be designed by an independently established public-private commission that includes patients, doctors, employers, and all stakeholders in health care.” LOL! I have a bridge to see you, giantslor! = ) LOL!!!!

    Write your congresspeople. Stop the bill.

  5. Whomever says:

    a bridge to *sell* you, giantslor. Only 17% of your income – and you’ll own this great bridge! game?