Jun 12 2005

Liberals Frustrated

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Weird day. The print news seems to be projecting and spinning at such a fevered pitch that it’s dizzying. The Washington Post is doing it so hard it looks like spin-jecting. In an editorial calling for reform of a system they have no ‘proof’ is fundamentally wrong, they do their GITMO spin-jecting:

The hundreds of suspected enemy combatants who have been held incommunicado or subjected to abuse and torture, and the scores who may have been unlawfully killed, represent the single greatest failing of the United States in the war on terrorism. Yet there has been shockingly little corrective action. Though the Army has announced some administrative reforms, there has been no truly independent investigation of the abuses.

Abuse and torture is code word for Abu Ghraib, which was investigated within a day of the incidents being uncovered, leading to the perps being prosecuted and sentenced while high ranking officers were reprimanded for letting the situation arise. What the Post is doing is spinning these facts by trying to link them to the full universe of terrorist detentions – and what might be happening in this larger universe – and projecting their frustration that no scandals have been uncovered.

Frustrated by the administration’s intransigence and outraged by the latest reports of abuse — this time involving desecration of the Koran — several senior Democrats, including Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.) and former president Jimmy Carter, have embraced the idea of closing the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, where some 520 detainees are now held.

Again, were the dems frustrated by the latest reports of PRISONER desecration of the Koran? Was the Post frustrated with prisoners flushing the Koran and then somehow tricking NewsWeak into false reporting? What would closing GITMO do to protect the Koran? All spin because the Post is projecting it’s true policy preferences – they want to bring the terrorists through the judicial system. Spin-jecting.

That’s the set up. Spin the abuses to set the stage for positions which have nothing to do with unsubstantiated abuse claims:

The first step must be to impose legality and outside control on the most shameful part of the detention system — which is not Guantanamo Bay but the secret network of detention facilities maintained by the CIA. The dozens (at least) of prisoners in this network, including the most important terrorist leaders, are being held without any legal process, outside review, family notification or monitoring by the International Red Cross.

So here we are. The liberals’ major priority in the global war on terror. While Bush’s team is trying to stabilize Iraq and Afghanistan, chase down the terror cells here an abroad, and help the ME democratize in peace, the liberal answer is support for the needs of violent terrorists. They are still focused on treating inhumane killers as victims of the US. These killers need lawyers and red cross to protect them from the US…



Now the GOP is spinelessly jumping in! Michelle Malkin has a good round up on a sad state of affairs. I agree with her 100% on this statement:

The new GOP anti-Gitmo squad’s position amounts to a cut-and-run strategy–panicking in the face of ill-informed, hysterical attacks from our military’s enemies at home and abroad.

While our military men and women risk life and limb, our political leaders are rattled by MSM rumours and ineundo.

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