Oct 29 2009

Tuesday Is When ‘The One’ Faces His Voters

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Lots of good articles out about the pending elections next week and what they mean for our young President and his, so far, failed policies.

Karl Rove

Micheal Barone

Stuart Rothenberg

Personally, I think the Dems are going to get their first electoral whooping for pushing such extreme liberal policies and failing to stimulate employment. But my track record the last few years has not been great (too optimistic on how the voters will react to conservatives).

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2 Responses to “Tuesday Is When ‘The One’ Faces His Voters”

  1. Alert1201 says:

    Even if they win only the VA race it will be big deal. If the dems win NJ it will be a squeaker. This in a state that is heavily democratic with an Dem incumbent outspending his opponent by 3-1 as well as a third party candidate probably taking more votes from the Republican then the Democrat. Not much to boast about there.

    In NY 23 a Dem victory will also be meaningless with the Republican vote split between two.

  2. MarkN says:

    The NJ polls are turning into a computer vs. people battle. The computer polls show Christie ahead and the people polls show Corzine ahead.

    We will see when the final polls come out next Monday if the two styles converge on their numbers.