Oct 13 2009

Our Young President Has Become A Laughing Stock

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Experience counts. So do results.  And you need the first to pull off the second. But above all you need to be serious about what the stakes are. We are not even up to the first year anniversary of when a young, first term Senator Obama was elected President of the United States and yet we now find these truths to be self evident.

8 months in we now see the childish hubris that permeates The (naive) One. We see the shallow grasp of complex issues, which led him (and too many American voters) to think the nation’s problems were simple to solve. A wave of a faux stimulus bill and the world’s largest economy in history would turn upward. The power of Air Force One and a few minute speech would bring Mt. Olympus to Chicago. A public take over of health care would bring better care to more people for less costs. So damn simple.

It was all so simple, until someone had to actually make it work.

An experienced leader and executive would never have let the liberal Congress craft a stimulus bill in haste and greed. An experienced leader would have understood the downside of too many nights on TV while unemployment skyrocketed. An experienced politician would have known better than to fly to Europe to play politics with the Olympics (and to stain those games with those same politics).

If President Obama and his White House team had more experience and fewer fanciful delusions of grandeur, they would have not let a Nobel Peace Prize blow up in their faces like so much political dynamite:

Here was an opportunity to cut himself free, in a stroke, from the baggage that’s weighed his presidency down — the implausible expectations, the utopian dreams, the messianic hoo-ha.

Here was a place to draw a clean line between himself and all the overzealous Obamaphiles, at home and abroad, who poured their post-Christian, post-Marxist yearnings into the vessel of his 2008 campaign.

Here was a chance to establish himself, definitively, as an American president — too self-confident to accept an unearned accolade, and too instinctively democratic to go along with European humbug.

He didn’t take it. Instead, he took the Nobel Peace Prize.

Yep, he did it. The heady ego trip of power still holds sway over our malleable young President. He still does not see the pitfalls and mistakes while he basks in the glory of his groupies. His syrupy speeches are still laced with how his greatness has graced this sad nation. To him it is all too obvious how this will turn out, after all he has the vision, it is his time.

But what his inexperience blinds him to, many of the rest of us can see. A truth that is very embarrassing to this great nation of fallen heroes and hard fought victories for humanity. The combination of hubris and ignorance has produced the worst of all results: a messianic president who is savior of the world:

He’d been in office only 12 days when the Nobel nominations were due. That’s a mere 288 hours for Obama to have been credentialed as President Peace.

Henceforth, the 12 glorious days shall be known as Barack’s Golden Almost-Fortnight; or Barack’s Amazing Days of Peace, Harmony, and Universal Love!

Yet through the fog of time and Hopium, I remember it as a time of high adventure; of gentle forest creatures and centaurs banding together to fight cynicism and sprinkle hope upon the people.

On the Fifth Day, Gov. Blagojevich sent the president a life-size wooden puppet named Roland. Barack placed his palm on the puppet’s forehead, and lo, the puppet became a United States senator. And the Democrats, with a solid majority, were amazed.

When a President becomes a demi-god, democracies dies. If President George W Bush was considered a messianic leader the world would shudder. It is also shuddering now.

Sadly, this satire is all too accurate. More accurate than the Nobel Peace Prize that cemented this storm of derision. Our young President has not brought peace nor the end of nuclear weapons proliferation. In fact his predecessor, President Bush, accomplished more than nearly all recent Presidents when he uncovered and shut down the nuke black market ring led by Pakistan’s ‘father of the bomb’ AQ Khan and forced Libya to turn over its secret weapons programs.

In comparison to these results, the hubris of accepting a Nobel Prize for doing nothing is painfully obvious. There are the cult-like marketing images, and then there is the somber reality. Many of us can see both quite clearly. We are not in the cult, we still live here on modern planet Earth.

America has never really bought into Sci Fi/Fantasy politics. If the above was an animation, I would expect a serious face plant in the water to be the next scene in the progression. Because politics as slap stick comedy is very much real.

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9 Responses to “Our Young President Has Become A Laughing Stock”

  1. crosspatch says:

    Again, I weep. My country has become an idiocracy.

  2. BarbaraS says:

    As far as Obama being nominated by February 1. Where is the proof of that? The committee members could have added his name at any time and who would know the difference? Do they publish a list of the nominees? I think this decision had a lot to do with the Olympic snub.

  3. Terrye says:


    I am sure there is proof of that. I just think they were trying to manipulate American public opinion by giving the USA a thumbs up for electing a Democrat. It is no accident that in 2002, they gave it to Carter and in 2007, they gave it to Gore. Partisan posturing.

  4. penguin2 says:

    There are set protocols, including deadlines for the nomination process and the acceptance of the nomination itself.

    The Nobel committee has been diminishing it’s relevancy for years, capped off by this year’s absurd decision. In fact, not only is their reputation and credibility finally shattered, they did not do Pres. Obama any favors. Most reasonable people, even from his own supporters, recognize the emptiness of the award. If the president does not produce anything of substance over the next several years, the award will be “tainted” for future recipients.

  5. WWS says:

    I just heard that Obama won the Gold Medal in the Women’s 400 metre freestyle swimming competition.

    He wasn’t actually there, but the judges decided he deserved it anyways, because you know, it’s Obama.

    A resolution is being considered that would award Obama all the Gold Medals in next year’s olympics, just like was done for old Nero. Why not? We’re sure he could win if he really wanted to, and that’s all that counts.

    How far we’ve progressed – instead of Emperor Nero, we’re stuck with Emperor Zero.

  6. dhunter says:

    If you go to: http://promo.espn.go.com/espn/contests/theheismanvote/2009/thanksVote
    you can vote for Pinnochio for the Heisman trophy and like him you might just get free stuff for doing very, very little!

  7. gwood says:

    How about we use an apt analogy to ridicule Obama further?

    Nicholas Berg went to Iraq with the belief that if he did good deeds he would be imune to any threat. He didn’t listen to authorities who told him he would be exposed to great danger, simply because he was American. He refused to tote a gun, feeling his altruistic attitude would protect him. We all know what happened to Nicholas Berg.

    The Nicholas Berg saga is the perfect analogy for Obama’s foreign policy, an analogy that is completely justified by Obama’s words and deeds thus far. Obama is oblivious to dangers the world over, believing as Nick Berg did, that his anti-American-power, non-belligerent attitude will protect us.

    We should begin to refer to his foreign policy as the “Nicholas Berg School” of international relations, or “Obama’s Nicholas Berg foreign policy”, as often as we can.

  8. AJ,

    This the best one-line I have heard to date on Obama’s NPP win:

    “Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize reduces the chances of someone trying to off him, because he’ll just rise after three days.”

  9. MerlinOS2 says:

    And there is news out today we intercepted a ship with weapons from Iran to Hezzbollah and Syria.

    Now Obama just set up relations with zero conditions with Syria and this is how they treat the young President.

    This is only the beginning.