Oct 03 2009

Liberals Finally Defending America?

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Geez, after decades of blaming all the world’s woes on America, after blaming America for the attack on our embassies in Africa, our troops in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, after blaming America for the attacks of 9-11, the London subways, the Madrid trains, the Bali clubs, after blaming America for pestilence, AIDS, poverty, and who can forget blaming America for Global Warming (the myth), spying on Americans, killing babies in Iraq and Afghanistan – finally liberals are upset someone did not cheer America for the 2016 Olympics.

What a bunch of moronic drama queens. I think some fool even blamed Bush! It couldn’t have been the heavy handed, sappy, ‘its all about me the Big O” push by the President that caused the Olympic Committee to shun the US? Could it have been time for South America to get the nod? Could it be the fact America has had a lot of Olymipiads already?

No, it was cheering conservatives (who knew the Big O was going to bomb).

Let’s just say this last minute pride in America is a tad disingenuous.

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  1. WWS says:

    This should *never* have been a political issue – that’s the most important point that these liberal critics don’t understand. Did Reagan go to the IOC to plead in favor of Los Angeles? Did Clinton go plead for Atlanta? Not only no, but *hell* no. That’s not the President’s job. There is an Olympic Committee that is *separate* from Governmental agencies, and at most those in power should ensure that this committee is properly staffed with good people, appropriately financed (although as I recall the 1984 Olympics were all privately financed) and then the various government powers stand back and let this committee do their job. If they win, great! If they lose, it’s sad but it’s not tied to any partisan political issue because it is independant of that.

    That is how ALL Olympic bids in this country have been done up until now.

    The *Only* reason this bid became political is because Obama and his people had the extreme arrogance to believe that Obama’s personal appearance would be “magic” and they would be guaranteed a win. THEY are the ones who made this all about them – that’s why this is such an unforced error! It’s not just about a bid that didn’t work, it’s about the incredible arrogance and stupidity on display in this administration.

    Ed Morrissey this morning has a perfectly appropriate comment:

    “Let’s see. The White House jumped in front of a situation without understanding it, relying on the word of political cronies to shape their comprehension without checking for themselves. Only after they failed did they ask themselves about the political environment in which they made their proposal. Are we talking about ObamaCare, cap-and-trade, or the Olympics? It’s hard to tell.”

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  3. lurker9876 says:

    But remember Carter used the Olympics by boycotting it.