Sep 28 2009

Public Rejecting Obamacare, Will Reject Democrats

No one can argue that the liberal left is limited in imagination. The ideas and myths they conjure up border on the insane. From believing Bush and Cheney were listening in on their lame ramblings, to the Chicken Little cries of doom over global warming after a decade of global cooling, they have some created some wild theories – that is to be sure.

But one of their strangest delusions is the idea that the public booted them out of control of Congress in 1994 because they failed to be too far left and pass far left legislation. The idiocy of that thinking is just astounding. Its just like the far right claiming the nation booted them from power in 2006-2008  because it wanted MORE far right policies and insults. Bizarre thinking to say the least.

It’s downright embarrassing to watch this madness unfold. Has anyone thought out the fact that if the nation wanted more far left (or far right) policies they wouldn’t vote in the opposition to get it??? Was the GOP in 1994 or the Dems in 2008 going to suddenly pass everything they spent years opposing once in power? Who thinks these things up  (and worse, who believes them!)?

The aging liberal dinosaurs now in senior positions in Congress think the country wants government rationed health care. They don’t really think the 70% of us happy with our current coverage will care if they take it away from us and charge us a lot more for a lot less. In another one of those delusional mad moments, the Liberals think the one universal complaint about health care (i.e., high costs) means we WANT to pay more for less care! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Add to the list of health care delusions a one more incoherency. As we all know health care is expensive and not available to all. What people supported was ideas on how to  make health care more available. But no one in the wildest dreams expected us to ration the care to our beloved seniors in order to expand care to illegal aliens. I know the Libs love to play Robin Hood, but really – get serious!

Does anyone in the Democrat Party see the political ad blitzkrieg coming their way ion 2010 and 2012. Some simple examples:

  1. “America wanted premier health care at lower cost, but President Obama and The Democrats passed government rationed  health care at much higher costs to everyone. Now insurance plans are taxed, drugs are taxed, medical equipment is taxed. Can we afford 2 more (4 more) years of this? Get back your premium health care, vote against the Democrat madness.”
  2. “Americans are a generous people, so when the issue of health care availability came up they were all for expanding coverage to those who needed it. But instead of fixing the rules about pre-conditions and stopping the practice of throwing people out of coverage when they needed it most, the democrats raided the Medicare plans of seniors and took their services to cover people here in this country illegally. Did America really want to take from the elderly to give to those here without permission? Vote against the Democrats in 2008”.

I mean a 3rd grader could devastate the Democrats with this stuff blind folded. And guess what, the nation is completely receptive to this kind of message – since these statements reflect reality, not delusions based on twisted logic. They are angry at the over reaching and preaching. The Town Halls of August were just the start, just a glimpse into where America is going.

Rassmussen has a poll out today that would normally be ringing warning bells on the left to stop their risky proposals. Some key numbers:

Just 41% of voters nationwide now favor the health care reform proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. …

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 56% are opposed to the plan.

If these were numbers for candidates in a district or state, the team on the 56% side would be looking like a shoe-in. Update: Meant to add this link to a left leaning pollster who recently admitted the tide was turning on the Dems, with a possible 53-47% popular vote edge for the GOP. Imagine his view if 53-47% was the bright end of the possible outcomes – end update

There are some other numbers that indicate health care very well could be a force in the next round of congressional elections.

In the latest survey, just 33% of seniors favor the plan while 59% are opposed. The intensity gap among seniors is significant. Only 16% of the over-65 crowd Strongly Favors the legislation while 46% are Strongly Opposed.

This group votes in large numbers. By 3-1 they are ready to go out and smack down the liberal foolishness. Raiding Medicare (yes Dems, Medicare Advantage is Medicare, and there are cuts in Medicare A/B payments as well) to pay for those without coverage was a dumb idea. Of course, the whole thing is a dumb idea, but targeting Medicare was dumb-squared.

But wait, there’s more!

Currently, among all voters 23% Strongly Favor the legislative effort and 43% are Strongly Opposed.

… Currently 75% of Democrats favor the plan. Seventy-nine percent (79%) of Republicans are opposed, as are 72% of the unaffiliated.

My word, those are shocking numbers. By nearly 2-1 the intensity of opposition swamps support – among all voters (not just ‘likely voters’). That means the voter who is most likely to get out and vote is the one in opposition – twice as likely.

And look at the independents – 72% opposition. I would not want to be running for any office from any party if I was proposing large, central policies opposed by 72% of the independents. Even dems in safe districts better watch out with those levels discontent.

If you combine the forces rally in opposition it is amazing, and makes 1994 look pale by comparison. The intensity is on the side of the opposition by 2-1, seniors are lined up to vote in opposition by 3-1, and the independents oppose the measures by 3-1. Those 48 Democrats in districts won by Bush and McCain better realize one thing – a vote for Obamacare is a vote for their early retirement.

And yet the Liberal Democrats in DC keep running off their delusional cliff expecting all the lemmings in the Congress and News Media to follow them. Have we ever seen the like before?

Update: The GOP is emerging as the protector of seniors health care and Medicare – because they really are!

It’s a lonely battle. The hospital associations, AARP and other powerful interest groups that usually howl over Medicare cuts have also switched sides. Last week, they stood silent as the Senate Finance Committee debated a plan to slice more than $400 billion over the next decade from Medicare, the revered federal insurance program for people over 65, and Medicaid, which also serves many seniors.

More political ad material. The Dems went with the fat cats, the GOP stayed with the people.

Update: Reader WWS notes a WSJ article out today illustrating the madness of moving the nation onto Medicaid (which is the ultimate goal of government rationed health care). Isn’t Medicare one of those out of control programs that will fail in a few years? Talk about being shoved out of the pan and into the fire! No thanks DC, I like the health care WE researched and purchased.

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  2. WWS says:

    The WSJ has a good piece out this morning explaining why the Baucus bill would be a financial catastrophe for all 50 states.

    excerpt, and the rest is well worth the read:

    “The Baucus health bill will break 50 state budgets via Medicaid.”

    “Democrats want to use Medicaid to cover everyone up to at least 133% of the federal poverty level, or about $30,000 for a family of four. Starting in 2014, Mr. Baucus plans to spend $287 billion through 2019—or about one-third of ObamaCare’s total spending—to add some 11 million new people to the Medicaid rolls.

    About 59 million people are on Medicaid today—which means that a decade from now about a quarter of the total population would be on a program originally sold as help for low-income women, children and the disabled. State budgets would explode—by $37 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office—because they would no longer be allowed to set eligibility in line with their own decisions about taxes and spending. This is the mother—and father and crazy uncle—of unfunded mandates.

    This burden would arrive on the heels of an unprecedented state fiscal crisis. As of this month, some 48 states had shortfalls in their 2010 budgets totaling $168 billion—or 24% of total state budgets. The left-wing Center for Budget and Policy Priorities expects total state deficits in 2011 to rise to $180 billion. And this is counting the $87 billion Medicaid bailout in this year’s stimulus bill.”

  3. kathie says:

    I just don’t get it. If the individual was able to deduct $3 to $5 thousand dollars off the top of any tax bill, or the government gave that amount to individuals and families who are deemed at poverty rate, why wouldn’t those with pre-existing conditions be able to afford Medical insurance even if it were at a little higher rate? And why wouldn’t everybody by insurance, when a catastrophic policy would really cost zero, if tax deductible. Is this just to easy for our guys to figure out?

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    As already has been noted in many other places the AARP is one of the largest marketers of MediGap insurance policies.

    Under the plans proposed the supplemental insurance for Medicare will be reduced and it is likely that AARP will gain in MediGap coverage sales due to these circumstances.

    So they are selling out their own group to sell them more insurance.

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  6. WWS says:

    I have never seen a greater political crash & burn than this in my life. This is building up to be even worse than Hillarycare – at least Clinton somehow rescued himself from that one.

    Obama will not rescue himself from this.

  7. kathie says:

    Good I hope it crashes. There is not one domestic policy that I hope doesn’t crash. When Obama looks at the next budget, with all the mandated expenditures, and new hirings of the Fed government, he is not going to believe what he has done to our economy in his first year, neither are we. A $1.8 trillion deficit would look good.

  8. Mike M. says:

    Oh, this will be far worse than 1994.

    I just hope that we survive the next 15 months. Obama is combining the worst aspects of the Carter and Clinton Administrations.

  9. kathie says:

    Mike….you forgot FDR.

  10. lurker9876 says:

    It is just amazing to watch the Obama voters continue to support Obama while ignoring the numbers no matter how often those numbers are presented before them.

    They still believe in giving Obama more time and hope Obama will come up with a reasonable 2010 budget….what budget?

    BTW, has anyone seen the 2010 budget and how it looks?

    As for the GOP party, where is the leadership? I read about how Cornyn convinced Larry Elder from running against Boxer. People need to encourage Larry Elder to register so that Boxer will be defeated.

  11. >But one of their strangest delusions is the idea that the public
    >booted them out of control of Congress in 1994 because they
    >failed to be too far left and pass far left legislation. The idiocy
    >of that thinking is just astounding. Its just like the far right
    >claiming the nation booted them from power in 2006-2008
    >because it wanted MORE far right policies and insults. Bizarre
    >thinking to say the least.


    Repeat after me:

    Nutball regimes become more so under pressure.

    These power games are the domestic political party equivalent to
    1) The Taliban dynamiting old statutes of Buddha in Afghanistan at the behest of Al Qaeda or
    2) The Iranian Mullahs planning on submerging the tomb of King Cyrus (Coresh), the Persian King known for authorizing the Jewish exiles to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the Holy Temple.

    What the American political Left and Right have in common here with that event is that the wild rhetoric and policies pursued are addressed soley to an internal audience, i.e., that it concerned with internal in-group dominance and power games, and that the actors do not conceive of the outside world (consisting of the general election voters in this case) as real, let alone able to influence events inside the in-group.

    In the case of Obama, the Democrats internal Leftist power groups have been playing “I am more nutball than thou” since 2005 to gain power in their factional power games. Obama capitalized on this process to win the Presidential nomination and to push both Obamacare and “Cap & Trade” energy taxes.

    “Pragmatism” leaves moderates — like Hillary Clinton in 2008 & the Blue Dog Congressmen — at a disadvantage when the nutball activists dominate both fundraising & the political caucuses, leaving them a “Nutball sweepstakes primary” where moderates lose.

    The things to watch for now are more nutball repression of internal enemies, more trouble stirred up in the media causing violence, and outflows of campaign contribution & other cash to numbered swiss bank accounts from places like ACORN & SEIU.

  12. Grrr…that should have read:

    >What the American political Left and Right have in common
    >here with those events are that the wild rhetoric and policies
    >pursued are addressed soley to an internal audience,

  13. Redteam says:

    Excellent post.

    Even with the handwriting on the wall, the Dems are still trying to figure a way to cram this thing through. reconciliation, in the dark of the night, whatever they have to do to get it done.

    Why the AARP is trying to sell this thing is beyond me. There is NO way the seniors are for this health care debacle. I suspect the AARP is about to be a much smaller organization.

    Every poll and report says it will be a disaster. The cap and trade will raise energy prices astronomically, but let’s get it done. What the hell are those people thinking?

    Every analysis of the health care says it will be rationed and cost more. who in their right mind would say that’s a good thing.

    Yes, somehow Bill survived Hillarycare, I think Obama is quickly going to find out he’s a one-termer.

    Soros is gonna lose.

  14. Mike M. says:

    Clinton managed to survive because of three factors. First, he conceded defeat (“The era of Big Government is over”). Second, Gingrich overplayed his hand trying to be Prime Minister. Third, Perot ran interference for Clinton again.

    Otherwise, Clinton would have been toast in 1996.

    Obama, on the other hand, won’t concede defeat. The Republicans have no high-profile leader in Congress. There is no third party candidate.

    And it’s looking more and more that he’s going against either Sarah Palin or a General from CENTCOM.

    2012 is shaping up to be the most one-sided stomping since 1984.

  15. WWS says:

    Trent wrote:

    “The things to watch for now are more nutball repression of internal enemies,”

    Saw some of that starting over the weekend, in a quiet little newspaper plant that had Axelrod’s and Move On’s fingerprints all over it.

    Mike Ross is the chief “Blue Dog” involved in healthcare negotiations in the House. He is also a pharmacist who went into politics after he sold his small chain of stores to a larger corporation some years ago. For those who’ve been watching, this consolidation has been a nationwide trend, and up until now no one has intimated that Mike Ross did anything other than make shrewd business decisions.

    Suddenly, this weekend a story appeared on the AP suggesting that Mike Ross had recieved “unfair” compensation for his stores when they were sold, and further intimating that he was “owned” by the healthcare industry because of this. Was there any evidence for this in the story? No, other than the fact that he was paid more than the appraisal on the county tax rolls. (anyone who has experience with country tax rolls with regard to businesses will know what a laugh that is)

    So what was the purpose of running this story? It can only be to threaten him with more of the same and negative publicity in his next campaign. Thing is, he’s from a Republican leaning state in a very conservative district! If they sabotage his campaign, his seat will easily swap parties, and the dem’s will lose ground in the House. But it looks as though they’d rather have the seat go Republican than have an influential internal “enemy” they have to deal with.

    Besides, do they honestly think this treatment will intimidate Ross into supporting the “public option?” What do you think?

  16. kathie says:

    Oh goody, goody, we are going to this again. And some one wonders where are the created jobs?

    $35 Billion Slated for Local Housing
    09/28/2009 8:01:10 AM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 16 replies · 287+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^
    $35 Billion Slated for Local Housing By DEBORAH SOLOMON WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is close to committing as much as $35 billion to help beleaguered state and local housing agencies continue to provide mortgages to low- and moderate-income families, according to administration officials. The move would further cement the government’s role in propping up the housing market even as some lawmakers push to curb spending at a time of rising debt. The effort, which could be announced as early as this week, is aimed at relieving pressure on government-operated housing finance agencies, which have been struggling to find funding…

  17. kathie says:

    Gateway Pundit reports…..these people might be smog emitters!

    Rick Barker added that in the US the individual is valued more than the government. In Canada the system is more important that the individual case. The Canadian Parliament reported that 100,000 Canadians die each year while sitting on a waiting list for a medical procedure.

  18. AJStrata says:

    Mike M,

    You missed the biggest thing to save Clinton – the economy was booming. Obama, will not have that cushion.

  19. Rick C says:

    My fear is the Democrats will ignore any electoral consequences and pass a major health care bill this year that will put the government in firm control. They will be willing to do it even if, by using reconciliation, it blows up the Senate, cause Reid to lose his election, and costs their House majority. The far left politicians believe it is worth it because it is really their only chance to get such a program passed. Once in place, it will be nearly impossible to undo.


  20. crosspatch says:

    “the economy was booming”

    Up until his last year in office. By the time Bush took office in January, the tech implosion was in full swing.