Sep 25 2009

Obama All Hat, No Cattle

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Iran really gut checked our young President today. They walked out and proudly announced they have another, until now secret, uranium processing plant:

The government of Iran has told the International Atomic Energy Agency that it is building a previously undisclosed uranium enrichment plant for making fuel, the nuclear watchdog agency said Friday.

Our loquacious young president came out on TV and gave the Iranians a serious tongue lashing in bureaucratese. Which means he said a lot of nothing. No sanctions, no actions, no proposals. Just a lot of lofty rhetoric and pleading.

Pathetic. This is when you need a daring cowboy – those community organizers just wilt at times like these.

Iran clearly feels Obama is not threat, no serious world leader, so they can now taunt him openly on what they feared to admit while President Bush was in office. Speaks volumes.

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  1. CatoRenasci says:

    It’s well past time to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities.

    Perhaps the Israelis will, and perhaps they won’t. It’s despicable of the US to put the Israelis in a position to do our dirty work.

    The longer we wait, the more likely it is that destroying Iran’s nuclear capability will require the use of nuclear weapons – ironic and sad, because a firm show a decade ago would have required less force and a lot fewer dead Iranians.

    The ‘humanitarian’ thing to do isn’t always humanitarian.

  2. WWS says:

    Good metaphor – makes you wonder if he’ll go down in history as Lyndon Baines Obama.

    ABC spun this story as “Obama called out Iran!” rather than admit that Iran let this out just to put a finger in Obama’s eye.

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  4. Neo says:

    It’s all sort of like the SNL skit where Mohamed ElBaradei claims that he will write them a “stern letter” if the don’t comply.

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  6. Frogg1 says:

    I think it is too late for tough sanctions (as if Russia or China would allow it anyway) to do any good. The time for that was a couple years ago. Israel will probably be forced to take some type of action to atleast delay Iran’s progress. I’ve been seeing a lot of articles since the UN speeches. Some are saying that the new leader of the free world is Netanyahu.

  7. ph2ll says:

    Jennifer Rubin makes an excellent point: “It’s curious in the extreme that, not only did Obama fail to blow the whistle on Iran, he also refrained from using the information he had to rally world opinion.”

    This would have been the perfect time to get everyone on board and to finally get serious about this but he dropped the ball. I really think this young President is scared of confrontation and will do anything including not seeing the obvious in order to act as though nothing is wrong. Like the old skit….nothing to see here move along. This is dangerous as it can lead to other countries to miscalculate and cause a major world event to take place. Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? Kruschev thought Kennedy was week like Iran sees this administration today. One can only hope it doesn’t come down to something like that but there are no guarantees when it comes to having a novice in office.

  8. ivehadit says:

    So, we are not doing the missle defence shield because Iran has short term missles, is that correct? Sarc off.

    Sheez, Who would possibly trust anyone in this administration with giving them the correct information about Iran…

    This past week was an embarrassing bad joke, imho. It reminded me of the community organizing days…speaking to those who get whipped up on emotion and think you sound so wonderful and you have absolutely no idea about which you speak…it’s all for show.

  9. owl says:

    “Some are saying that the new leader of the free world is Netanyahu.”

    Yep. I watched him look and sound like a man should when addressing snakes.

    Did not have the stomach to listen to The Won but you can’t escape the clips. He looked and sounded very comfortable with his apologies to the snakes. He hates this country or does the best impression I have seen to date.

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  11. kathie says:

    Obama implied that he didn’t say anything about what was known about the secret Iranian facility because he wanted to give the French and British time to check it out. Now he knows that what the Bush people found out is true. There are three intel agencies who agree that this is a bad place. He implied that if a move is made, it will not be a mistake, like Bush made on the Intel of Iraq. I guess he doesn’t know or doesn’t remember that many, many intel agencies conferred with the CIA about Iraqi intelligence. Obama, cut out the implication that the would was just born, Jan 20th, 2009.

    Now that he has disclosed this secret, and Russia is making nice, something really big is going to happen, we are going to get sanctions with teeth. We will see!

  12. joe six-pack says:

    What President Obama does not see is that this time our enemy will not turn his ships around like our enemy did in 1962.

  13. Alert1201 says:

    No Cattle? What are you talking about. He’s got plenty. Just unpack a few more adverbs (I’m really very serious this time) and up the reverb on the amplifier.

    That should do it?

  14. WWS says:

    Kathie wrote: “Now that he has disclosed this secret, and Russia is making nice, something really big is going to happen…”

    HA! And again I say, HA!

    The “Big” thing you mention is that Obama will send Aminadjab a very stern letter asking him to consider what a bad example he is setting for the children, and furthermore Obama will be terribly disapointed in him personally if this goes on. And, well, if that’s not enough, we just don’t know what to do.

    For Alert – you know what the cattle need? MORE COWBELL!!!!