Dec 19 2005

Humble Thanks For 2005 Mention

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Lawhawk, a regular reader and poster of this site, mentioned The Strata-Sphere as one of Michelle Malkin’s “Bloggers of The Year” on the topic of Able Danger. I humbly thank Lawhawk for the mention, and Michelle for including us with Ed Morrissey, Mac Ranger, TopDop and QTMonster (as well as the great Tom Maguire) – all of whom do justice to the Able Danger issue.

You all made my Christmas!

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6 Responses to “Humble Thanks For 2005 Mention”

  1. Honored and Humbled

    Michelle Malkin has honored this humble blog in her post, Bloggers of the Year:Mike at Lawhawk e-mails: …the following bloggers should get recognized for their work on uncovering Able Danger and the 9/11 Commission’s failure to properly and fully in…

  2. Bloggings of the Year

    Michelle has her thoughts. I have mine…Able Danger truly is one of the most underrated stories of the year. Its national security implications affect nearly every story relating to 9/11, the use of intelligence, and even the current frenzy over obt…

  3. BurbankErnie says:

    You haven’t been to shabby on the Plame Sham either AJ.

    Keep up the hard work, your site is a daily read.

  4. W-Girl says:

    Tremendously good blogging on Able Danger and the Wilson-Niger-Plame deal, AJ !!

    I agree with Burbank Ernie ….you are a daily read, sometimes more than once a day just to keep up on what’s new !!

    Not bad for only being around since May !!

    You are appreciated, AJ !!

  5. Rick Moran says:

    A well deserved mention – great work!

  6. Snapple says:

    Thank you AJ for all the different information. It is scary, but it is good to know what is going on.

    Drudge is letting people caption a picture of Wilson and Plame in PJs.

    I am feeling pretty mean today.