Sep 24 2009

Seniors Are Being Sacrificed For Government Rationed Health Care

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The signs have been there since the debate began to scrap our nation’s premier health system and replace it with some lousy US Post Office version of government rationed care. It is now clear the idea of making health care affordable, therefore accessible, was all just a ruse so the power mad liberals in DC could take over 1/6th of the US economy. There are a lot of inexpensive things that could have been done to give us more choice (not one choice) and lower costs.

It is now clear the Democrat health care highjacking will not be cheaper. It is instead an endless sea of new taxes and useless bureaucracies. Look at all the waste being proposed (click to enlarge):

Just imagine at all the faceless bureaucrats and their supporting contractors/lobbyists who will be feeding off premiums and treatment prices before a single dime gets to you or your doctor! This monument to waste and inefficiency will be forced upon all of us. And health care will be rationed out to only the worthy – just as it is in the UK under their government rationed system.

More importantly, to pay for this effigy of liberal stupidity the plan is to cut back on seniors’ medicare benefits. This was admitted to in senate hearings on Obamacare just this week. It is a stunning admission, because it is proof positive the liberal democrats are trying to trick seniors with word games. They are trying to trick them just like any unscrupulous phone/TV marketeer calling them or mailing them with false information in order to con them out of their hard earned money. It is criminal how low these politicians and the PR consultants have gone into the gutter.

Listen to the truth of Obamacare as explained in the US Senate (H/T Ed Morrissey at Hot Air):

Get the lie? They aren’t touching the ‘low end Medicare’, they are only going after the popular ‘high end Medicare’? Seniors don’t need or want dental, vision (come on, this is huge for seniors) and lower out of pocket costs for hospital stays? How is this waste and fraud Obama said he would cut? How dare they try and double speak like that! One thing I cannot stand is someone lying to my parents and trying to fool them into some gimmick.

Ed Morrissey had a second video, where the head of the Congressional Budget Office admitts that seniors will pay the same under Obamacare, but get half the services currently offered under Medicare Advantage.

Same price, half as good as today. And the President had the cheeky audacity to get up in front of Congress and lie through his teeth about Medicare:

He talks about a mythical “Medicare Trust Fund”. There is no such thing! He pretends not a dollar will go to pay for Obamacare, but we have a senate staffer admitting under oath that Obamacare raids CURRENT Medicare Programs for money. And the head of the CBO admitted seniors will lose half of the services under Medicare Advantage. Therefore, the President lied.

He talked about waste and fraud – and then throws in some thing called ‘unwarranted unwanted subsidies’. That must be those half of the current services he has decided seniors are not worthy of having.

And trust me, this is just the beginning. There will be a need for more money real soon, and these lying vultures will go after seniors again. Because, as I have noted many times, it is the end of life medical costs for seniors that are the treasure trove for DC liberals to raid.

I find it despicable that the liberals in DC would try to fool our seniors, and my parents, into thinking their current health care arrangements are safe and sound under Obamacare. They rely on Medicare Advantage to gain the EXTRA benefits and services they need and which are not offered under the basic, cheap Medicare plan.

I will be playing all three of these videos to my parents this weekend. I suggest everyone else does the same. I suggest the GOP focus their ad campaign on these three videos to alert the public to the duplicity going on in DC. A duplicity being covered up by the biased and failed news media.

I think all the baby boomers, the World War II gen (which includes my Dad who fought in the North Atlantic and South Pacific) and their immediate families need to know about this national con game. Our President lied to our parents and grandparents, he is raiding their health care to force us all under Medicare – where he and his cronies can decide who is worthy of treatment, of living.

Update: Seems I am not the only one who noted the Obamacare Deception.

Update: Karl Rove on the deceits of Obamacare.

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  2. kathie says:

    There is another little problem. Obama talks about the generosity of the government, and the promise to take care of Seniors, how very benevolent of our government, how thoughtful to care for the elderly. He forgets that the promise was made in exchange for THE HARD EARNED MONEY that the government took out of every pay check, every month, for the working life of every American, money for that very care that the government is now giving, and taking away.

  3. Toes192 says:

    I repeat again [is that redundant?]… my $96.40 is a pretty small price for Medicare… Seniors [like myself] with somewhat larger incomes should pay higher monthly premiums for basic Medicare…
    Some sliding scale depending on gross income. How easy is this?
    Under $25,000.oo per year… $100.oo
    25-50K$/yr… $200.oo
    50-75K$/yr… $300.oo
    Etc… Higher incomes can easily afford higher premiums…
    I know… I’m 71 & do pretty much whatever I want… [unless I can’t afford it ] That’s a joke, son…
    Don’t use those $numbers above… Just threw them out to make the point…
    BTW… I HATE IT when they bill numbers like $96.40… We all know that’s $100! Pay $13.99 for a shirt at Costco? Duh… Politicians and companies… when will you stop treating us normal peeps like idiots?