Jun 10 2005

Media In Decline? Whodathunkit!

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Anyone surprised by the news out of Gallup [hat tip: Drudgereport] is just not paying attention.

Public trust in newspapers and television news continued to decline in Gallup’s annual survey of “public confidence in major institutions” in the United States, reaching an all-time low this year.

Those having a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in newspapers dipped from 30% to 28% in one year, the same total for television. The previous low for newspapers was 29% in 1994. Since 2000, confidence in newspapers has declined from 37% to 28%, and TV from 36% to 28%, according to the poll.

Let’s see. We had Dan Rather fall for forged documents, and who to this day cannot face these facts and still insists the story about BUSH in the TANG is true. We had the NYTimes try and lay a last minute bombshell about weapons/munitions being stolen in Iraq right before the election, when there was no evidence the munitions where stolen when the US was in charge. We had the MSM obssess on Bush’s TANG while ignoring the Swiftboat Vets for months. We had Eason Jordan and Linda Foley repeat claims that our brave military men and women, who are sacrificing life and limb every day to protect us from Islamic fanatics, target journalists. We had reports on claims by terrorists regarding the desecration of the Koran at GITMO, without any mention of the desecration perpetrated by the terrorists themselves…..

I could go on and on, it is a daily event in the MSM with their propaganda. Are we surprised they are out of favor? Not one bit.


Ed Morrissey says basically the same thing.

Alexander McClure at Polipundit also wonders why this should be a surprise

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  1. Low Expectations

    A new Gallup Poll just released of public condidence ratings shows that the written and televised press is enjoying all time lows in public confidence. Big business, the Congress, and HMO’s fared even worse.