Dec 08 2005

EU Trains Their Sex Addicts Young

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I have no words for this – just go read it for yourselves.

One thing I am adament about is my children are not to be exposed to some perverse idea that six year olds need to start getting into sex. This may be an obsession with some emotionally challenged adults who looked to the young ones for acceptance, but the children could care less and need to be left alone.

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5 Responses to “EU Trains Their Sex Addicts Young”

  1. Snapple says:

    I don’t think that link is working.

  2. AJStrata says:

    Thanks Snapple, its fixed now.

  3. Kaz-Man says:

    Its stories like these that make me thank God we have an ocean between us and the euros. These idiotic elites are patting themselves on the back for the programs which are nothing more than child abuse. Its disgusting.

  4. Snapple says:

    I couldn’t even read it. I peeked. Really, really, gross.

    They should be playing with blocks, trucks, dolls and crayons.

    They should be learning songs and dances.

    They should be running outside with the family dog.

    They should be learning their colors, how to brush their teeth, and their alphabet.


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