Sep 06 2009

Separation Of Church And State = Separation Of Politics And Education

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One thing you have to love about the far left is their utter incoherence. They railed against President Bush allowing the NSA to pass on to the FBI contacts between known enemies outside the US with individuals inside the US without court order after 9-11. In other words, Bush allowed the NSA to be the source of credible threat information in the eyes of the courts. Stunningly obvious. However, in the warped and paranoid mind of the left this meant Bush was spying on Americans.

But when President Obama asked Americans to email the administration when anyone challenged their health care polices, that was not government spying on Americans (it was Americans spying on Americans and turning them into the government to be investigated – one would have to assume).

Incoherent babble, in a nutshell.

The liberals in DC want to now investigate those people who were able to protect this nation from another 9-11 attack using interrogation methods some find squeamish (I guess they are recalling their own college hazing days). Instead of praising these people for doing a tough job, they are investigating them for possibly hurting our enemies in a time of war.

Incoherent babble.

The liberals think tax cuts are a sin and only federal government spending programs (which are also known as pork projects targeted to political allies which take years to get started) can stimulate job growth.

Incoherent babble.

The far left screams in a panic when it hears or sees the word “God” and runs around demanding separation of Church and State (supposedly so that politicians cannot politicize from the pulpit).

But when a young and inexperienced President wants to infuse himself, his polices and his politics into the school curriculum these paranoid left wingers find it strange why anyone fears politicizing from the front of all the nation’s classrooms!

Calls to boycott Obama’s speech to kids offer a disturbing lesson in paranoia

Those who are whipping up hysteria over the president’s address are playing a dangerous game with an unhinged segment of public opinion.

This garbage is a lead opinion piece in the defunct LA Times. Yeah, when we make it clear we don’t want political parties pushing policies as part of public school curriculums, just as we don’t want our Democracy to turn into a Theocracy, we are definitely challenging an unhinged segment of the population to try and think coherently.

Sadly, it is clearly beyond the grasp of liberals and progressives to be coherent.

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  1. momdear1 says:

    It doesn’t take much for the Democrats to get the IRS after you. I was audited 3 times (for three different years) by IRS in less than 6 months after I signed up to run for local office on the Republican ticket during Jimmy Carter’s last year in office. When I arrived at the auditor’s office the third time, the surprised auditor told me that I was obviously being harrassed because there was nothing amiss in my tax returns. I was given a letter saying I couldn’t be audited again because I was protected under the anti harrassment laws passed after Watergate. I did not hear from IRS again until shortly after Bill Clinton took office. Within a few months I received a letter saying I was being audited. After showing them the letter, my name must have been taken off their enemies list because I haven’t been audited since.What makes this so strange is that I do not have a lot of money. Some years I don’t have enough income to have to pay taxes. I challenge anyone to say something like this has happened under a Republican administration. The Democrats have been doing what they are always accusing, but have never been able to prove, the Republicans of doing. At least I now know who the dirty birds are.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    Check American Thinker. The “merging of politics and education” actually started in the late 1890’s. Check Gramsci.

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  4. BarbaraS says:

    Liberlism is the left’s religion. The libs insert their religion into government all the time. This means we have a theocracy of sorts.