Sep 02 2009

Lost Opportunity – Far Left Will Rise Up And Destroy Dems

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Team Obama really is incredibly naive. They spent all year in the background on all their key issues by letting lose the fanatical left wing of the party to run amok on the faux stimulus bill, taxing energy to battle science fiction BS and to destroy the world’s premier health care system and replace it with government rationed health care for the worthy.

And now, after months of giving the far left freedom to pillage his reputation and political capitol, team Obama thinks they can just put the fanatical wing back in the bottle and start over:

Obama is considering detailing his health-care demands in a major speech as soon as next week, when Congress returns from the August recess. And although House leaders have said their members will demand the inclusion of a public insurance option, Obama has no plans to insist on it himself, the officials said.

“We’re entering a new season,” senior adviser David Axelrod said in a telephone interview. “It’s time to synthesize and harmonize these strands and get this done. We’re confident that we can do that. But obviously it is a different phase. We’re going to approach it in a different way. The president is going to be very active.”

NOW he’s going to be active??? Dude – these are once in a generation opportunities. This ain’t gulf Mr. President, you don’t get Mulligans.

As expected, the far left is (or will be) imploding over this news:

If… (7+ / 0-)
Obama does not make the exclusion of a public option a deal break you can be certain that a public option will be excluded.

There is no wiggle room here. Obama has to be the one to demand it, or he will be responsible for killing it.

75% of the country is demanding it. There is no excuse for not requiring it be part of the bill.

It’s with us or against us time, Mr. President.

I’m begining to think (1+ / 0-)
that Obama is completely spineless, politically speaking. I used to think that he was a politically Machiavellian, but looking at the way that he has so badly bungled Health Care Reform and failed to offer the leadership, arm twisting and vision required to pass this important issue I now have great doubts. He abdicated leadership on the issue to the ‘gang of six’ and started to offer every concession under the sun before the debate even got under way.

Where has the President’s leadership (0+ / 0-)
been? Show me, I want to be wrong about this, but he has not been a leader on the subject. He started making concessions right out of the gate, then backtracked when we started pushing back. Contrast that with LBJ’s (who was otherwise worthless) handling of Medicare-he strong armed the conservative Dems into supporting the program and rammed it through without GOP support. Obama need to grow a spine and start ramming his programs through. As much as I hated (and continue to hate) Bush at I will give him this: he never comprimised on a program that he believed in (despite how wrong his programs were for the nation) and his White House political operatives & the GOP leadership enforced party unity and forced GOP reps & senators to vote for the programs. Bush empowered Nelson, Baucus et al and now they now that they hold the power on health care reform.

Much more angst and anger from the left here. I suspect the fanatical left is going to be exploding today on this news. The far left have been fed bogus and false statistics (as noted above) to hide from the reality of the situation. They have been kept in the dark of zealots and fed manure. They have lost touch with reality and don’t care about it anymore. They are in denial about this country and their role in it.

And they don’t like to be woken up to face it.

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  2. Neo says:

    Now this is distrubing.

    The next best thing to “flag” at

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  4. WWS says:

    These people are funny – as if they think a President can actually “ram” anything through Congress.

    Interesting that one writer brings up LBJ – LBJ had been a strongman in the Senate for many years at that point, and was legendary for having collected info and dirt on everyone in the Congress, both friends and enemies. In collusion with J. Edgar, he had the ability to wreck the careers and even lives of anyone in Washington who crossed him – that was his greatest power.

    and there’s that experience thing again – someone who strolls into the top job with only two years as a junior senator for experience not only has no power, he has no respect. Everyone on Capitol Hill knows he’s just a stuffed shirt.

    Just as an aside, I’ve asked quite a few older people in Texas what they thought about LBJ. Universally, when I talk to those who lived under and voted for him, they say that everyone knew he was a crook – probably the biggest and most blatant thief to ever make it to the Presidency, and that’s saying a lot. But he always kicked back such an incredible amount of money to the state that it was worth it – LBJ’s friends were always RICHLY rewarded. That was another key to his power.

    After all, why do think NASA’s space center ended up in Houston and not Florida? (and that was just a little bit of icing on the cake)

  5. MerlinOS2 says:

    Mort Sahl had an old comedy routine on LBJ and said that congress looked into the Space Center choice back then to see if politics was involved and officially determined the Moon was closer to Houston than Cape Canaveral.

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  8. dbostan says:

    A cornered rat is very, very dangerous.
    Don’t expect the far left to go down easily.
    As the bolsheviks did and the brown shirts did, and Chavez did, they did not come to power with the intention to abide by the democratic rules.
    No, they came to power with the intention to keep the power for a very long time.
    BHO spoke about REMAKING America (into Amerika…).
    So, I fully expect some sort of “putch” under the guise of a manufactured or not crisis (on top of our economic disaster).

  9. WWS says:

    Don’t think that Obama is going to open up to some bipartisan “compromise” bill – some advisors (like Axelrod) are now starting to hint that he is going to go all-in on the House bill and demand that it be pushed through with no GOP support at all.

    I hope he tries that, I see a disaster of truly EPIC proportions in the making!!

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  11. daniel ortega says:

    Hello AJ,

    This is off the subject but I think you will find this newspaper report chilling about the NHS.
    I work near London, and I try not to use the NHS, but this is scary.
    I knew about the drug rationing body “NICE” but I never heard
    of the Liverpool Care Pathway which has been taken up by hundreds
    of hospitals and care homes.

    Short version, if your doctor decides you are “close to death” they
    withdraw all medical intervention, including intravenous food and water,
    and put you under deep sedation until you die.

    I believe that is medical murder, because once you are put unconscious,
    you have no chance to get better.

    This makes me angry.
    The newspaper that has done a good deed by carrying the story
    is the London Daily Telegraph
    and here is a link to the article


  12. AJStrata says:


    I have had to intervene many times over with my own mother who goes loopy on certain drugs. She literally turns into a late stage Alzheimer’s victim. If I was not there to over rule the doctors, she would be to this day drugged in some nursing home somewhere and incoherent. She and my father still live on their own in their mid to late 80’s.

    Doctors who are over burdened sometimes try and take the quick way out. Add in cost cutting pressures and it becomes obvious that drugging these people into oblivion becomes an acceptable solution. It is a crime.