Dec 05 2005

Missing Saddam

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For those on the left who have come to conclude the world was just fine with Saddam and his blood crazed sons in power, possessing WMD technical know how in biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, and his pentiant for providing funding and sanctuary to terrorists, this post is for you! So you can wax nostalgic over the days when Saddam blessed the world of civilized nations, here is a little reminder of those good ‘ol times:

Men and women were tortured for days and babies left to die in an interrogation facility which featured a meat grinder for human flesh, the first prosecution witness to face Saddam Hussein told the court on Monday.

After weeks of delay and legal arguments over security and the legitimacy of the court, the trial of Saddam and seven co- defendants on charges of crimes against humanity heard confusing but graphic witness evidence of torture and summary execution.

“I swear by God I walked by a room and on my left I saw a grinder with blood coming out of it and human hair underneath,” said 38-year-old Ahmed Hassan, who said he had been kept in room 63 at the Hakmiya intelligence headquarters in Baghdad.

He said Saddam, from the Sunni Arab minority, asked a 15-year-old boy if he knew who he was. “He said ‘Saddam’. Then Saddam hit him in the head with an ash tray,” Hassan said.

“My brother was given electric shocks while my 77-year-old father watched,” Hassan said. “They told us, ‘why don’t you confess, you will be executed anyway’,” he said.

“One man was shot in the leg with two bullets… Some people were crippled because they had their arms and legs broken.”

He said they were held in Hakmiya for 70 days. While they were there a woman told a guard that her infant baby needed milk or he would die.

“He died and the guard threw him from the window,” Hassan told the court. “Pregnant women gave birth in the prison. Their babies died.”

And this is the person Europeans, the UN and the liberal media wanted to stay in power????

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  1. Kaz-Man says:

    To tie this post with the one about Ralph Peters’ breakdown of the MSM, I predict tonight the major network news will focus more on what Saddam was wearing and what he said, and will ignore the courageous Mr. Hassan.

  2. Snapple says:

    I think that some people did want him to stay in power because they were making a lot of money on the oil-for-food deals.

    This was just the most vicious dictator. Thanks to George Bush, he is no longer in power.

    He even murdered babies and young children.

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